Spring 2015


New Cherry Tomatoes


We have some new cherry tomato varieties this year that yield scores of these popular fruits—and look attractive while doing so. They’re great for filling large planters on a sunny deck or balcony: 

‘Husky Cherry’ is a super sweet variety—clusters of juicy little 1-inch fruits cover the dwarf vines all season long. Selections from the Husky series are short and stout—they’ve been bred to remain small while still yielding heavy crops. This is a very pretty plant that performs well in patio containers—which is convenient because you’ll want it close by for some serious snacking.


Dahlia ‘Mystic Illusion’

DAL Illusion1
‘Mystic Illusion’ 

Beautiful dahlias come in an array of shapes and sizes that infuse summer gardens with eye-catching color. ‘Mystic Illusion’ is an unusual variety that was developed in New Zealand, with bright lemon yellow flowers and nearly black foliage. Notice how the dark purple leaves make the single blooms pop—it’s a striking effect that adds an air of elegance to a landscape design.


Cold Color Choices

CCC Combinations

There’s a common myth that you cannot sell color in the colder weeks of April but it’s simply not true—the market is certainly there. As the warm weather returns, early birds start to garden and frankly, a lot of folks just want to put an end to the long, hard winter.

A garden center that offers a strong selection of early color attracts the first customers of the season and often captures those all-important return visits. For landscapers, planting fresh color is an early spring maintenance service that helps kick-start cash flow before the grass business swings into gear.

Here is a short list of cold-tolerant material from our inventory that we are shipping this week. Remember, these are just highlights—we have more colors, cultivars, and types in our greenhouses.