Spring 2015


Angelonia ‘Archangel™ Light Pink’

FN 1.14 ANG light pink
Angelonia ‘Archangel™ Light Pink’ - our new addition

Angelonia is one of our top picks for summer landscape beds and this year we have a pretty new light pink version from the Archangel™ series. It presents a nice alternative to the dark purples, bright pinks and pure white we normally see in summer snapdragons. 


A Better Landscape Pansy: Colossus™

FN2.13 PAN Colossus Yellow Overview
Pansy ‘Colossus™ Yellow’ in one of our houses

Landscapers: If your mission is to paint the landscape with a carpet of color, Colossus™ pansies get the job done. Every pansy has its niche and for the Colossus™, it’s color coverage. Here are some reasons why:

First of all, Colossus™ pansies are known for their huge flowers, with blooms measuring 4 inches across. If you place one next to a standard pansy flower you’ll notice that the four bottom petals that make up the face are much wider. As a result we see more flower and less plant.


Art-Style Poinsettias

FN1.6 PPL snowmen mantle 2

Poinsettias with variegation in the bracts are known as novelty varieties but we prefer to think of them as art-style selections. They’re popular with cutting edge designers and historically we’ve seen strong sales on these trendy varieties around Thanksgiving and right after. Each of these plants is unique and makes a strong statement on its own or when used in a combination display.


Variegated Algerian Ivy

FN 1.3 Alg Ivy
Algerian ivy—little care with great results

It’s easy to take some plants for granted; they grow like crazy, do their job under challenging conditions, and somehow manage to always look attractive. We pay them little to no attention—because they don’t require any—and accept all the glory for the beautiful designs we create with them. This is one of those plants.


A Game Changing Pink in Poinsettias

Prinsettias all colors
Princettia® poinsettias—vibrant and beautiful

You need to see ‘Princettia® Max White’ and ‘Princettia® Light Pink’ in person to understand what a game changer Princettias® are for poinsettias. A quick Google will reveal quite a buzz about this series—it’s lit a Christmas fire beneath the holiday growers. Many reviewers discuss how different ‘Princettia® Pink’, in particular, is from the standard pinks seen in the market, but they don’t seem to fully grasp what makes this pink so very unique. We have a few theories on the matter, so let’s take a closer look at this cultivar.