Autumn 2013


Edible Sages as Ornamentals

SAG mainSage is an important part of the autumn holidays, especially where cooking is concerned. Although we think of it primarily as a fresh seasoning, Sage presents a great opportunity to design an ornamental kitchen garden. Planted in a dish container, Sage varieties can be grown outside during the Indian summer and then brought indoors to spend the rest of the season near a south-facing window. Sage leaves can also be dried and used later.


Ipomoea ‘Blackie’

Blackie00For October decor, Ipomoea vines are not normally at the top of our list but there is one cultivar that should be: ‘Blackie’. Very dark purple, nearly black leaves intensify under the sun; it has five deeply cut fingers and does a great job of draping, spilling and covering. We have always felt that foliage color delivers great value because it’s dependable—the color is always there, and ‘Blackie’ is no exception.


‘Choco Sun’ And Other Dwarf Sunflowers

SUN Choco-Sun-mainDwarf Sunflowers remain very popular throughout October because of their small size and big blooms. A natural choice when sprucing up for the October holiday season, the Sunflower is strongly associated with both the harvest and the extended Indian summer we often experience this time of year. Blooms last a long time and after that, even with just seed heads, plants will retain their decor value.

Sunflowers perform well in the autumn because they are day-neutral. The length of day doesn’t trigger blossoms to appear or to die back, so blooms can start even at this late date and still last a very long time.


Ornamental Mustards

MUST-mainOver the years, Ornamental Mustards have gained a name for themselves. Certainly, we have seen the popularity of our cultivars grow since we introduced them to our autumn schedule. It’s no wonder—mustards are surprisingly decorative even in salads. When allowed to mature to full size, they make an intriguing garnish for the front yard as well.

We see a lot of Ornamental Mustards used in containers and large pots, where they thrive well into the cold season. As an edible, Ornamental Mustard is the perfect choice for decks or patios in close proximity to the kitchen—grazing down the plant will just make it more vigorous.


European & Asian Greens Now Available

Assorted GreenEach year we offer an assortment of ornamental edibles for the autumn season. We draw mainly from the Asian leaf vegetables because they are both colorful and tasty, but we have included a number of notable European cultivars as well. Each year we add more to our line, selecting for both flavor and ornamental value. Use these vegetables to create interesting decorative containers (that you can eat) or attractive front garden displays (that you can harvest).

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