Holiday 2011


Poinsettia Centerpiece

poinsettia_bowlsA great gift for the holidays is a Poinsettia Centerpiece.These dwarf Points are grown out specifically for tabletop displays, so the height is short but the bracts are full. Planted in soil, they are well-rooted and hold firm to the pot.

You get a big presentation of color in a tight, tabletop package. When placed on a table, the planter won’t block your view of the people sitting across from you. For a more elegant look, try placing tall candles in the center of the dish.


Hearthside Planters

hearthside_planterBreak away from those “me-too” Poinsettia displays with our Hearthside Planters. We take one of our terra cotta planters, set down several strong crowns of Poinsettias along the center, and fill it in with Diamond Frost, Needlepoint Ivies, and sometimes Polka-Dot Plant. To add vertical interest, we spray silver onto Juncus. Underneath it all, the soil volume is large enough to keep the whole arrangement healthy and happy well past the holidays.



Novelty Poinsettias

poinsettia_marblestarNovelty Poinsettias are those plants with variegation in the color of their bracts. Although they look blotchy from a distance, patterns can be organized into groups of styles based on the strength of their color and the manner in which the shades blend together. Knowing the different styles allows you to assemble the perfect combination for any holiday decor.

Bear in mind that Novelty Poinsettias are strong by themselves—each plant expresses itself as a unique individual.