Spring 2013


More Fresh Color Shipping

COLOR-mainWe release a lot of fun crops this time of year, and this week is no exception. Summer is perfect for experimenting with new material because the color that thrives now is not the same as the color that thrives in the spring. If you want the best commercial color, tailor your gardens for the peak of each season. Let’s take a look at ten crops we released this week that can add some fun to your summer:


The 2013 Summer Program

SUM-mainTake advantage of our summer crops to finish up what’s left of the spring work. Spring doesn’t end abruptly—it usually bleeds out into the summer and jobs always run short. Rather than patching a bed with leftovers or something that doesn’t work, try looking around our stock first. We sell a broad range of material throughout the summer with some depth to the inventory. It’s not spring, mind you, but we also run a robust summer business.


Celosias For Summer Arrangements

Celosias00When you think of Celosias, you probably picture those cute little tufts of color that come in bright shades of yellow, orange, pink and red. That would be the Kimono series—they take the prize for most closely resembling a candy treat. However, there is more to the Celosia family than mere visions of sugarplums…

We sell three series of Celosias: Kimonos, Fresh Looks, and Smart Looks. As you might expect when we offer multiple series, each serves a different purpose. Kimonos are tiny and light green. The Fresh Looks and Smart Looks are bigger with either green foliage (Fresh) or bronze foliage (Smart). Let’s take a closer look at them.


The Double Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa-DoubleWe have to admit we have a special fondness for the Double Calibrachoa. To us, the folded-up flowers seem like bouquets upon bouquets of tiny little roses—a very fancy look for a very popular basket and container plant. The Minifamous Doubles don’t require any special care beyond what calibrachoas normally need, so you can easily upgrade a mix or a design with them.


Performance Petunias

Petunia-mainLast week, we reviewed the Spreading Petunia, one of the garden standards of the spring and summer. Spreading Petunias fill a space with color and spill over with style. However, they are not the display and performance champions among petunias—that title would go to the Vegetatives. These differ from other varieties of petunias in that they are not grown from seeds but started through vegetative cuttings. This means that, effectively, every plant is a clone of any other within a cultivar.

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