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Diefenbacher Greenhouses

about1Since 1983, Diefenbacher Greenhouses has focused on the needs of horticultural professionals in the tri-state area surrounding Cincinnati.


Independents stand out from box stores by filling their benches with plants that improve the garden, enhance the home, and please the gardener. The best of the independents become notable destinations to their customers and provide a shopping experience that rewards return visits.

We help those garden centers by providing a steady supply of new and interesting cultivars in addition to the popular varieties people expect. Our greenhouses are a resource they can rely on for adding drama and visual flair to their retail space.

When evaluating new material, we factor in at-home performance—how does the plant perform after the sale? Each year, we grow and display new plants from the major and minor breeding houses to monitor the mature plant performance in the local weather of the Ohio River Valley.


Landscape professionals value practical solutions that are reliable and easy to maintain, but they also want to establish a unique voice that makes them special in their market. Providing seasonal color to their base allows landscapers to please a wider range of customers.

We focus on material, sold in landscaper trays, that thrives in the midwestern climate and fits within a landscaper’s budget and working season. We also maintain a selection of plants that handle more extreme conditions of wet, dry, or poor soils.


Garden displays enhance plazas, courtyards, and other professional areas where businesses greet the public. Municipalities use larger urns and planters to beautify main streets, stations, and large public areas for the benefit of their local citizens. Designers of these sizable containers and garden beds require plants that serve their unique needs within the filler, thriller, and spiller roles. They look for plants that are large, long-lasting, and maintain a plays-well-with-others quality that is important in mixes and combos.

For this market we provide reliable bloomers and colorful foliage plants—ideal for shady building areas or hot, sunny plazas—in a wide variety of components and finished sizes.

Diefenbacher Greenhouses does not sell directly to consumers. Our customers are garden centers, landscapers, and facilities that offer their services to the public. These professionals have kept us in business for more than 25 years and deserve our focused attention and our loyalty. During the spring and fall—the times of peak demand—we concentrate on plant quality and timely shipments to our customers.

Blue Ribbon Blooms

brb logo Good Gardens begin with Blue Ribbons, and Blue Ribbon Blooms begin with Diefenbacher Greenhouses. DGI Plants provides Cincinnati’s homegrown garden brand with the classic favorites and exciting new cultivars for perennials, annuals, vegetables, baskets, and floral décor. Diefenbacher Greenhouses offers the creative green goods that make your garden center stand out from the chain store crowd, and we provide you with the merchandising and marketing muscle to compete against them as well.

Each Blue Ribbon retailer is a gardener’s destination, dedicated to exploring the world of plants and teaching the love of growing to the families of the Ohio River Valley. What kind of garden center makes a good Blue Ribbon retailer?

  • If your garden center helps young families make their new house into a home
  • If you have old friends who share their favorite annuals and perennials with others in the neighborhood
  • If you showcase neat, new cool stuff to your favorite customers
  • If you promote garden events and seminars to share the love of gardening
  • If gardening is a personal reward for you and the people you meet everyday
  • If you like the serenity of a quiet garden spot at the end of a busy day

Then you are the Blue Ribbon Blooms kind of garden center destination.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (513) 741-8455 for more information on Blue Ribbon Blooms.