Dahlia ‘Mystic Illusion’

DAL Illusion1
‘Mystic Illusion’ 

Beautiful dahlias come in an array of shapes and sizes that infuse summer gardens with eye-catching color. ‘Mystic Illusion’ is an unusual variety that was developed in New Zealand, with bright lemon yellow flowers and nearly black foliage. Notice how the dark purple leaves make the single blooms pop—it’s a striking effect that adds an air of elegance to a landscape design.

This showy selection is heat-tolerant but it can’t take the cold, preferring warm, sunny days and cool, comfortable nights—sounds like a lot of people I know. Plants are well branched and form compact mounds, reaching a height of about 1–3 feet. Unlike some other dahlias, it does not require staking. Blooms keep coming all the way to frost, and with a little deadheading you’ll get even more of the vivid, long-lasting flowers.

DAL Illusion2
‘Mystic Illusion’ 

‘Mystic Illusion’ makes a dramatic statement wherever it’s used in the landscape. In beds and borders we like to combine it with other dahlias and taller ornamental grasses, like Cordyline ‘Red Star’. It’s great for filling large planters and patio pots, too, and mixes well with tropical plants. 

DAL Figaro1
Figaro Mix

A new dahlia selection this year is Figaro Mix, including shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, and white. This is a dwarf landscape variety—plants are compact and bushy, growing only 6–12 inches tall. Vibrant green foliage is simply covered with bright, cheery semi-double flowers.

DAL Figaro2
Figaro Mix

We like dwarf selections for their endless versatility—they fit easily into most garden designs and are handy fillers for containers. This mix in particular is great for sunny spots that need a punch of long-lasting color.  

‘Mystic Illusion’ and Figaro Mix are both available in the 8-inch pot—all of our 8-inch terra cotta dahlias are looking very nice and are ready for shipping. We have Cordyline ‘Red Star’ in the 4.5-inch and true gallon pot sizes.