Spring 2015


Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Series

FN1.4 BEG Mocca Yellow
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Yellow

For quite awhile now the Nonstop® series has been a standout among tuberous begonias: large, 4-inch fully double blooms come in vibrant shades and keep on coming all summer long. For continuous flowering, few begonias can match colorful Nonstops®. 


Winter Color with Kale

FN1.8 christmas kale
Kale with Christmas boughs as garden mulch in a hypertufa container

To prepare landscape beds with color for winter, kale is our go-to crop. We know we can count on its showy foliage to intensify in color as the nights grow cool—that’s the extraordinary feature of kale. As long as we experience normal wintertime temperatures, these plants will last all the way through to January, still looking as brilliant as ever.


Décor Swiss Chard for Fall

FN1 BET Bright Lights Mix
Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights Mix’

Swiss chard is one of the prettiest cool weather vegetables you’ll find. It tastes mild and sweet but you’ll want to grow it just for the décor value. This leafy green comes in a rainbow of stem colors—‘Bright Yellow’ proved to be very popular so we’ve added a few more varieties to our collection.


Grasses for Halloween Décor

FN1.3 CYP Baby Tut
Cyperus ‘Baby Tut’

Last year we introduced the idea of jack-o’-lantern planters: treating a hollowed out pumpkin as a strawberry pot and filling it with assorted ornamentals as facial features. We like the added interest novelty combinations bring to a Halloween display so it’s time to get out the carving knife again. Here are a few unique grasses for topping off one of these light-hearted décor elements with a stylish hairdo.


Reminder: Fresh Greens from Local Firs

Greens Wreath on Concrete 2

Remember that in addition to our lush poinsettias we have a collection of fragrant holiday greens, freshly cut from local firs in Central Ohio. These offer one slight advantage over poinsettias—they can be used outdoors during this cold season:

Evergreen Wreaths—Handmade in Ohio, our wreaths measure 24–28 inches; a nice, full mix of aromatic greens comes trimmed with seasonal embellishments

Roping—Thick, lush white pine roping is tightly bound and comes in 25-foot lengths

Arrangements—Medium (16 inches tall x 14 inches wide) and large (36 inches tall x 24 inches wide) sizes are available; all branches are newly cut at the time each arrangement is made

For quick splashes of color or large-scale design projects it’s hard to go wrong with traditional greenery—the scent alone steals the show. All of our material is very fresh so your holiday displays will look prime for Christmas and last straight on into the New Year.