Our Policies

How We Plant

It seems like Spring comes all at once, but we all know it spans over weeks. That being the case, you wouldn’t want us to send you plant material that was in its prime on May 5th on May 30th. (That flat on May 30th is going to be taaalllll!) In order to avoid the tall slender look, we schedule our plantings throughout the season (we use the term “lots”) so we may provide fresh material–not only at the start of the season, but right through to the end of the season. Overgrown material is not what we do.


Our computerized inventory system provides real time availability. What shows in the system is really in the greenhouse (except on the occasion of human error–sorry!) Once your order is in the system, your material is reserved for you. This not only ensures that you will get what you ordered–it also allows you to place an order on March 3rd for the material you need May 24th (and the material you receive on May 24th is produced/grown for May 24th, not overgrown since May 1st.) 
It’s that simple.


We offer 4 easy ways to order material: 

  • Online via our website: www.dgiplants.com (Contact us for your username and password)
  • Email us – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Fax: (513) 741-7987
  • Call: (513) 741-8455

One of the first questions we ask when you place your order is, “When do you 
need it?” The reason we ask is so you get the freshest material available – see the section “How We Plant” above. We don’t want to reserve the material that was ready on May 3rd for your order that is coming to you on May 30th.

Minimum Order

There is no a minimum for pick-up orders. The minimum order for local delivery is 2 carts and 4 carts for extended delivery areas. Generally speaking, each cart holds (40) units (40 flats, 40 hanging baskets, etc. or any combination thereof.)


We deliver any of the material we offer. A flexible delivery schedule is one of our fortes. During Peak Season, we strive to accommodate everyone’s requested delivery date. There may be a few situations beyond our control that keep us from meeting a requested delivery date. On these occasions, we may ask to deliver at an alternate time. We do our very best to have your delivery on time, the first time. Delivery charges apply.


Flats, pots, hanging baskets, planters–you name it, we probably grow in it! Each of our containers is explained in the beginning of this catalog.


When you order red petunias, we know you want red petunias! We also know that there are some things beyond our control, such as: our supplier may have shipped material to us late, or the sun just didn’t shine as much as we had hoped. So… the red petunias aren’t ready at the time your order is ready to ship. We won’t just send pink–we’ll contact you first to work out the best solution.

Invoices & Payments

With the delivery or pick-up of each order, an invoice will be provided. All new accounts are COD. Upon approval of credit, terms are Net 30 Days. (Finance charge 18% annually.) Statements are sent at the end of each month.