Spring 2015


Coleus ‘FlameThrower™ Chipotle’

Coleus FlameThrower Chipotle Bloom 9582
'FlameThrower™ Chipotle'

We have an interesting new coleus to spice up the landscape this spring: ‘FlameThrower™ Chipotle’. We like the bold new colors of The FlameThrower™ series, particularly the contrast of dark maroon and chartreuse we see here. These narrow, pointed leaves are striking.

‘Chipotle’ can be used in sun or shade—it performs well in both. We find that the chartreuse practically glows in the shade so this is a good choice for mass planting to brighten darker spots in the landscape. It’s also a nice alternative to traditional impatiens for adding shade color while avoiding downy mildew.

This variety is great for containers, too—it has a nice compact habit and combines well with other plants. We like to mix a few funky coleus selections of different shapes and sizes and see what happens.

‘FlameThrower™ Chipotle’ is available in the 4.5-inch pot.

DETA 22271
Plant en masse for effect.


Thanksgiving Centerpiece

FN1.3 THC orn kale yellow right

Save a spot between the mashed potatoes and candied yams for a pretty, fresh centerpiece—again this year we’ve put together a special combination for Thanksgiving. Now, this is not a red and white Christmas arrangement to set out early; it’s meant for the harvest dinner table, crafted in autumn shades to celebrate this bountiful holiday.


Pansy ‘Mammoth™ Pink Berry’

FN3.2 PAN Pink Berry
The extra large blooms of Pansy ‘Mammoth™ Pink Berry’

We seem to be in the pink today, so here’s a new pink pansy for early spring: ‘Mammoth™ Pink Berry’. You get double the pink with this variety—pale rose pink flowers have striking dark pink whiskered faces. We like the huge blooms on ‘Pink Berry’—they make a big impression, especially from a distance. As a matter of fact, Mammoth™ is the most uniform, extra large pansy on the market.

These plants are vigorous and extremely heat tolerant. They also have a nice mounding habit with strong branching so they quickly fill a container. For maximum visual impact plant them en masse in the landscape—set them in part shade to sun.

‘Pink Berry’ is available in the 8-inch pot.


Dahlightful™ Dahlias

FN 1.7 DAH Dahlightful Lively Lavender blooms
Dahlightful™ ‘Lively Lavender’

Brilliant dahlias are longtime favorites for brightening up sunny landscape beds. This spring we’re widening the playing field with the Dahlightful™ series—it’s been bred specifically for containers. These short, bushy plants have strong stems and lots of double blooms—we hope you like the look as much as we do.


Ageratum ‘High Tide® Blue’

 FN 1.2 AGE bloom
‘High Tide® Blue’ 

Landscapers count on ageratum as one of the most dependable bedding plants around. It’s durable, low-maintenance, and lasts the whole summer, looking as good at the end of the season as it did in mid May. This flower is drought tolerant and thrives in poor soils, too. We’d have to describe it as true blue—for reliable garden performance, as well as for providing that much sought after color.