New Cherry Tomatoes


We have some new cherry tomato varieties this year that yield scores of these popular fruits—and look attractive while doing so. They’re great for filling large planters on a sunny deck or balcony: 

‘Husky Cherry’ is a super sweet variety—clusters of juicy little 1-inch fruits cover the dwarf vines all season long. Selections from the Husky series are short and stout—they’ve been bred to remain small while still yielding heavy crops. This is a very pretty plant that performs well in patio containers—which is convenient because you’ll want it close by for some serious snacking.


‘Yellow Pear’ is another pretty variety that is very, very old—it’s an heirloom. Vigorous plants produce unending clusters of tiny, tangy bright yellow fruits all summer. Vines on this selection are long, reaching up to 8 feet, so it will need to be caged or staked. Yellow tomatoes are always eye-catching because they’re a bit unexpected—both in the garden and on a salad plate.


‘Chocolate Cherry’ is an unusual and striking tomato. Uniform 1-inch fruits are born constantly on trusses and have both skin and flesh of dark rosy purple. These little cherries are sweet and juicy with plenty of that old-fashioned tomato flavor we look forward to each summer. ‘Chocolate Cherry’ can grow up to 5 feet high so it will have to be staked or caged. 


‘Sweet Million’—the name says it all. Scores of super-sweet cherry tomatoes just keep on coming right up until frost. We’re not ashamed to say we eat these like candy. Bright red 1-inch fruits are produced in long chains—we hear they look pretty cool but they’re usually not around long enough for us to appreciate their beauty. How these can taste so good and be healthy is one of the great mysteries of the universe. This is another variety that will need staking.

‘Husky Cherry’, ‘Yellow Pear’, and ‘Chocolate Cherry’ are available in the flat 1202. ‘Sweet Million’ comes in the flat 1202, flat 1801, and staked in the true gallon.