Luscious® Lantana (2)

FN1.1 LAN Luscious Citrus Blend

Lantana is one of our favorite landscaping plants for the bright pop of color it provides as well as for its tough-as-nails reputation. In the high summer we depend on it for extreme heat and drought tolerance but lantana blooms well into the fall—and these hot flower shades punch up seasonal autumn décor.

We grow the vigorous Luscious® series specifically for the fall. Look at all the blooms and the nice dense mound of foliage—these plants know how to fill in a space quickly. Depending on the cultivar they range from a little over a foot to 3 feet tall, with a spread of around 2–3 feet.

FN1.2 LAN Luscious Grape

Mums are classic, but we like to introduce unique elements into our autumn displays, too. Lantana offers a different take on traditional harvest colors by taking them up a notch with Day-Glo brightness and some unexpected magenta and purple.

FN1.3 LAN Luscious Lemonade

En masse, Luscious® lantana create a stunning groundcover or hedge—they’re also great for adding a bit of height to the middle of a bed. We like them in containers and hanging baskets, particularly the trailing varieties—mixing colors makes for a festive patio pot. Combining lantana with mums or other autumn plants in similar shades will make the colors pop even more—so will planting them with bright green Ipomoea ‘Marguerite’.

FN1.4 LAN Luscious Berry Blend

We have the following Luscious® varieties ready to go in the 4.5-inch pot—they’ll look great now and take you right into fall:

  • ‘Luscious® Citrus Blend’—a mix of red, orange, and yellow; in cooler weather it leans more toward red with a hint of orange; 18–30 inches tall
  • ‘Luscious® Berry Blend’—hot pink, orange, and yellow blooms; 18–30 inches tall
  • ‘Luscious® Lemonade’—trailing variety with bright yellow flower clusters; 24–36 inches tall, trails up to 24 inches
  • ‘Luscious® Grape’—trailing variety with bright blue-lavender flower clusters; 10–14 inches tall, trails up to 36 inches
  • ‘Marguerite’ is available in the 4.5-inch pot as well