Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Series

FN1.4 BEG Mocca Yellow
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Yellow

For quite awhile now the Nonstop® series has been a standout among tuberous begonias: large, 4-inch fully double blooms come in vibrant shades and keep on coming all summer long. For continuous flowering, few begonias can match colorful Nonstops®. 


We’ve come to rely on this dependable, high-performance series and now we’re offering an intriguing twist: the Nonstop® Mocca Series. Here we have the same big, bold flowers as you can see, only they’re set against dramatic dark chocolate foliage—it makes them pop. Notice the pale green veining; these leaves are just as eye-catching as the flowers. Just when we thought the series couldn’t get any better it surprised us.

FN1.1 BEG Mocca Deep Orange
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Deep Orange

Nonstop® Mocca varieties have a mounding, upright habit and reach up to about a foot tall. They’re compact, growing about 12–15 inches wide and prefer part shade to shade.

FN1.2 BEG Mocca Pink Shades
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Pink Shades

These striking begonias add an air of elegance to baskets and window boxes. We like to use them as accents in the shade garden—they also make distinctive specimen plants in containers.

FN1.3 BEG Mocca Scarlet
Begonia Nonstop® Mocca Scarlet

Our Nonstop® Mocca selections include: Deep Orange, Pink Shades, Scarlet, and Yellow. We grow this series in the 4.5-inch pot.