Spring 2015


Garden Bunting

 MG 8054
The Garden Bunting Bed about four weeks after planting

Our head grower, Cory, designed Bed 15 behind Greenhouse One for Field Day. This location can be a challenge because it gets strong hot sun all summer long. Squeezed between the building and the concrete wall, the bed wants to behave as one very long planter running along the top.

Cory’s solution turned out to be The Garden Bunting Bed, a fun design that uses only three cultivars, assembles quickly, and delivers rapid results. Buntings are the large patriotic ribbon arches you find on fences that line Independance Day parade routes, tied up by their corners to the fence posts. This garden is our take on that theme so let’s break it down; we’ve shown the start and the middle here—the bed in its full glory is shown at the end.

 MG 9846
The same bed two weeks later…about the middle of its growth


Entrance Garden

 MG 8862 88
Our Entrance Garden is at its peak

If you get a chance to stop by, our Entrance Garden is prime for viewing. This is the garden out by the road just as you pull into the driveway, and it is at its peak. We’re going to break down and explain the garden—it features a surprising Coleus with beautiful flower stalks, the wispy Ruellia ‘Purple Showers’, and a bed of mixed Vinca, all anchored by several plantings of Musa ‘Zebrina’.

 MG 8831 57
Ruellia ‘Purple Showers’—the bloom resembles a traditional Petunia


Carex ‘Toffee Twist’

FN 1.05 CAR Toffee Twist
A Grass for all seasons—Carex ‘Toffee Twist’

Here’s a grass to keep in the every season section of the design toolbox for problem solving. We sell Carex ‘Toffee Twist’ year round for good reason. As a cool season grass it’s a good citizen in both winter and spring gardens, and dramatic foliage is always in demand.

FN 1.14 CAR Toffee Twist
Versatile bronze blades blend easily with bright flower colors


Brushes of Millet

FN 1.02 Millet Brushes
The tiny, tiny flowers of Millet ‘Purple Majesty’

Several houses of our freshly grown Millet for fall are shipping right now. These plants resemble corn or maize, but they are known for their signature feature—brushes that rise above the crown. We grow different cultivars for the different types of plumes they bring to market—each one has its own unique personality.

FN 1.03 Millet Brushes
‘Purple Baron’ has red-tinged flowers


Field Day 2018 Winning Plants

HAM Lime Sizzler
It turns out Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ makes a great groundcover for Cincinnati

Competition was much tighter for the most popular plant of Field Day this year. Results have been tabulated, and since it was such a close race we decided to share with everyone the top three winners of the day. You can see from the photos why each plant became a crowd pleaser.

HAM Lime Sizzler 02
Bright fire tips form the signature feature of ‘Lime Sizzler’