Three Summer Coleus Selections

Coleus Flume

Coleus is a great summer landscaping plant. We use it often because it loves the heat, is fast growing, and creates lush beds of color. Breeders are constantly coming up with exciting new shades and patterns to add to the mix so coleus continues to pique our interest.

Many newer varieties perform strongly in sun as well as shade, making coleus a versatile choice for brightening just about any area of the landscape. Three selections in particular have captured our attention—all of them grow around 2 to 2-1/2 feet tall, or about knee to waist-high:

Coleus Flume2

‘The Flume’ is a wild ride, with bold saber-shaped burgundy leaves. If you look closely they’re edged in green—and you can’t miss the eye-catching bright pink centers. This one is a thriller.

Coleus BBW

‘Blackberry Waffle’ is an intense coleus with dark blue-purple leaves. Notice the scalloped edges and unique waffle-like texture—you can count on this foliage to add drama to borders and containers. For the best color, plant ‘Blackberry Waffle’ in part-to-full shade; it combines well with all other coleus varieties. 

Coleus HC

‘Honey Crisp’ is another stunning selection: serrated cream-colored leaves are flecked with green and edged in rose, with red undersides. This coleus is neat, bushy, and well branched, with a habit similar to that of ‘Electric Lime’. It complements pretty much any color you set next to it. 

We like to combine these coleus varieties in planters and mixed borders. Each one also looks striking planted en masse. They are available in the following pot sizes:                    

  • ‘The Flume’—4.5-inch 
  • ‘Blackberry Waffle’—4.5 and 8-inch 
  • ‘Honey Crisp’—8-inch