Calibrachoa Mix Masters

Calibrachoa 00

With the upcoming July 4th holiday right around the corner quick and easy color is in high demand. Our new Mix Masters combinations are as quick and easy as they come—not to mention refreshing and fun. These artistic “recipes” are 100% complete—they’re perfectly balanced with nothing missing, taking the guesswork out of planning a custom design.

Calibrachoa 02

Mix Masters are garden center ready and bloom like crazy with Cabaret calibrachoa as a central component. Cabarets are extremely uniform in habit and flower timing, plus they stay open and in flower under low light conditions, remaining attractive in a retail setting. 

Calibrachoa 04

Give these mixes plenty of sun and good drainage—they need regular water but cannot survive wet feet. They’re well branched and fast growing so they fill out containers and hanging baskets nicely. Here are some of our favorite selections:

  • Laguna Beach—‘Cabaret Lavender’, ‘Cabaret Bright Red’, and ‘Can-Can Apricot’ calibrachoas
  • Sundance—‘Cabaret Deep Blue’, ‘Cabaret Deep Yellow’, and ‘Cabaret Hot Pink’ calibrachoas
  • Sweet Melody—‘Cabaret Light Pink’, ‘Cabaret Hot Pink’, ‘Cabaret Deep Blue’ calibrachoas
  • A Grape Fit—‘Sun Spun Lavender Star’ petunia, ‘Aztec Violet Improved’ verbena, ‘Cabaret Hot Pink’ calibrachoa 

We like the way the blooms trail out of hanging baskets and window boxes—a huge payoff with very little effort. These combos are great for filling large planters in a snap to dress up a building entrance or line a sidewalk outside a storefront. Use the vibrant color combinations to create a festive summer atmosphere for restaurants with outdoor dining areas. 

Laguna Beach, Sweet Melody, and Sundance come in the 8-inch pot. Sundance and A Grape Fit are available in the 10-inch hanging basket.