Cascadias™ Petunias


Overflowing—that’s another name they could have given this vigorous petunia series. Look at the proliferation of blooms. They’re produced all along the stems, and new flowers continually replace the old so baskets and window boxes always look full. 

CAS Chianti

Cascadias™ petunias are low growing and each forms a big, bushy mound that’s longer than it is wide. Brilliant flowers, including several interesting bicolors, cover the plants in late spring and often continue blooming well into the fall. Heat, humidity, and drought are well tolerated by these sun-lovers.

CAS Magenta

Baskets and containers are where Cascadias™ petunias shine, spilling over the sides in never ending waves. We like to use them to brighten the edge of a sunny border. They’re also effective as groundcover—use them wherever you need a splash of vibrant, carefree, long-lasting color.

CAS Violet

Here’s a list of our current Cascadias™ selections:

‘Cascadias™ Indian Summer’—warm orange flowers have hints of peach-pink and yellow; a good choice for transitioning from summer to fall. Available in the 10-inch hanging basket, 4.5-inch pot, and 8-inch pot.

‘Cascadias™ Rim Violet’—rich purple flowers are edged in white. Available in the 10-inch hanging basket and 4.5-inch pot.

‘Cascadias™ Rim Magenta’—deep magenta flowers are edged in white. Available in the 4.5-inch pot.

‘Cascadias™ Rim Chianti’—bright cherry red flowers are edged in white. Available in the 10-inch hanging basket.