Begonia Whopper Series

Whopper Green Leaf Rose

For big bold color you can see when you drive by at 50mph we grow the Whopper series. Every aspect of these plants is big: the flowers, the leaves, and even the height. It’s an oversized begonia that makes quite an impact.

Look at the huge clusters of extra large flowers—they measure up to 3 inches across. These plants grow about 2 feet tall and spread about 2 feet as well—they cover a lot of ground. Their bold colors get noticed no matter where you put them.

Whopper Bronze Rose Green Red‘Whopper Bronze Leaf Rose’ & ‘Whopper Green Leaf Red’

In addition to their striking good looks, Whopper begonias are extremely heat-tolerant. They’ll look great all season, putting on a brilliant show all through the spring and summer. They thrive in part sun to shade.

Our favorite way to use Whoppers is en masse for the drive-by color effect, but these begonias are useful in designs of all kinds. Notice that the foliage stays dense right to the ground so plants look nice on their own or behind shorter varieties in the border. They’re great spilling over the edges of patio containers and in mixed combinations—we like them as filler but with their impressive size they work well as thrillers, too. Think of this colorful series when you need a long-lasting groundcover in landscape beds.

Whopper Green Leaf Rose2
‘Whopper Green Leaf Rose’

Whopper begonias are easy care—just be sure to plant them where they have room to grow. Let the soil dry out slightly between waterings because they don’t like soggy feet. 

‘Whopper Bronze Leaf Rose’ is available in the flat 1801. 

‘Whopper Green Leaf Rose’ and ‘Whopper Green Leaf Red’ come in the 4.5-inch pot. ‘Whopper Green Leaf Rose’ is available in the 6-inch pot as well. 

Our begonia collection is prime and shipping now in a wide variety of types and sizes.