The Holiday Red Carpet

POI Crop 02
Lush Poinsettias lay a multi-colored carpet in this greenhouse

It’s time to fill your Poinsettia inventory, as most of the season’s plants will be moving over the next several weeks. We grow our Poinsettias for big bracts with crisp edges for a lush, full canopy of color over the top. We have a wide selection in a number of categories so let’s take a stroll along the Red (and beyond Red) carpet in the greenhouses for a look at what’s shipping.

POI Bowls
Traditional Red, White, and Pink Poinsettias are must-haves


If Poinsettias were celebrities Red and White would be the A-listers. Red is consistently the most popular color followed closely by White. We consider these must-haves. 

Pink and Burgundy are right on their tails as B-listers. Pink is a subtle alternative to brighten the holiday mood and Burgundy fills the rich, dark, and dramatic role. Many Poinsettia fans consider these must-haves also.

(pot sizes range from 4.5-inch to 10-inch; please consult the Availability page of our web site for the current selection)

POI Picasso 0001
Sophisticated ‘Picasso’—notice that the higher leaves have the most color 


We also refer to the novelty varieties as art-style Poinsettias—with speckles, spots, and splashes they offer a modern twist on holiday décor. You might say they are the character actors of the group.

  • ‘Marble’—pink flows down the center of each creamy leaf
  • ‘Ice Punch’—cranberry red bracts have a bold blaze of white down the center
  • ‘Sparkling Punch’—a pretty pink version of ‘Ice Punch’ with the same bold blaze of white down the center
  • ‘White Glitter’—classic red bracts have a distinctive stroke of cream down the center and flecks of white in the red
  • ‘Picasso’—dots wander all over the leaf pretty much as they please; higher bracts are redder, lower ones are more creamy 
  • ‘Cinnamon’—tiny points of red on a yellow leaf produce a unique Poinsettia color with the effect of warm pink

(pot sizes range from 4.5-inch to 8.5-inch; please consult the Availability page of our web site for the current selection)

POI Princettia Hot Pink 0001
‘Princettia Hot Pink’ has smaller bracts but lots of them


Our popular Princettia series [5.5-inch pot] is back again—this petite ingénue has smaller bracts but lots of them. We like Princettias for their velvety texture and lovely overall shape, as well as for their consistency in tablescapes and vignettes. This year we have Dark Pink, Hot Pink, Pure White, and Red.

POI Three Kings Mix 0003 copy
For a balanced tricolor effect we recommend the Three Kings combo


Putting a festive twist on traditional colors we have our Poinsettia Combos. Candy Cane [10-inch pot, hanging basket] brings together the heavy hitters, Red and White, for eye-catching contrast—it adds a quick festive touch to holiday décor. Three Kings [8.5-inch pot] brings Pink into the mix for a tricolor effect, keeping the bold contrast while infusing a touch of visual harmony to add balance and richness of tone.

POI Hearthside 0001
Our exclusive Hearthside Planter in classic Red is a holiday standard


We also provide décor solutions for the bustling holiday season, arrangements both ready-made and custom-designed in a range of sizes.

  • Angel Frost [14-inch] is an extra large arrangement of traditional Red Poinsettias enhanced by festive foliage. It’s our tallest one, rising about waste-high (roughly 32–36 inches) and designed as a floor display to generously fill an open space area.
  • Hearthside Planter [24-inch, rectangle] is our largest arrangement. It’s an exclusive mix of Red, White, or Pink Poinsettias and a variety of leafy, spiky, or fuzzy elements to round out the design and make it extra festive.
  • A Poinsettia Centerpiece [10-inch, round] adds a seasonal touch to tabletops, bars, or counters. It is designed in a medium-sized bowl and grown low and mounded so guests can see each other to chat across the table during holiday get-togethers. It also makes a lovely gift.
  • Christmas Wish [12-inch, round] is similar to our Poinsettia Centerpiece, in a slightly larger size.

POI Angel Frost 0005
Angel Frost is extra large and extra festive


Our Hanging Basket [10-inch] adds a quick, festive splash of holiday color up high where it’s unexpected, putting a whimsical spin on seasonal décor. Imagine a luxurious Poinsettia as a hovering centerpiece above the Christmas buffet table—for a chic Hollywood-style holiday party. Hanging Baskets are available in: Red, White, Red and White Mix, and ‘Ice Punch’.

POI White Combo 0001
We have a wide range of Poinsettias and Arrangements currently shipping


For a complete list of Poinsettias and Arrangements currently shipping, please visit the Availability section of our web site.

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