Fresh for Midsummer

EVO Blue My Mind 0005  Midsummer plants are ready to ship now 

We have a wide range of fresh midsummer crops shipping now in addition to the classic Begonias, Petunias, and Vincas. The peak of the season includes a lot of fun, different, and exceptional items that perform well during the high summer. Let’s take a walk through the greenhouses and have a look at what’s shipping this week:

LAN Hot Blooded 0007

Lantana ‘Hot Blooded’

Lantana is a great summer choice because it blooms so heavily regardless of the state of the soil. It is very resistant to dry conditions so it is a good fail-safe solution. ‘Hot Blooded’ is a brand new selection that does not appear in our catalog—we picked it up because the flowers are very red with a touch of orange along the top. We also have a good selection of colors from the popular Lucky series if you need yellows and golds.

Available in the 8-inch pot.

 HYP Hippo Pink 0003

Hypoestes Hippo Series (planted among the Begonias)

These are not your grandmother’s polka dot plants. Hippo selections are much larger and more like modern Coleus varieties that work in shade to full sun. As a matter of fact, we tested them in our Field Day gardens and the more sun Hippo gets, the better the color. We like the unique foliage patterns in containers and landscape beds—Hippo is one of the best series for filling a space. These plants combine nicely with standard Wax Begonias, New Guineas, and Coleus.

Available in the 8-inch pot.

GOM Truffula Pink 08

Gomphrena ‘Truffula Pink’ and ‘Fireworks’

We’ve developed quite a fondness for these cute gumdrop flowers. Gomphrena is a great low-maintenance, no-maintenance plant for summer. Its roots don’t like to sit in soggy wet soil, but aside from that Gompherena asks for nothing more—there’s no deadheading. ‘Fireworks’ has been around for a while but ‘Truffula Pink’ is a new variety you will not find in our catalog.

Available in the 8-inch pot.

FUC Gartenmeister 0002

Fuchsia ‘Gartenmeister’

It looks like a honeysuckle but ‘Gartenmeister’ is actually a Fuchsia with a somewhat unusual appearance. Orange-red blooms are tubular and the shrub is upright, though eventually it becomes pendulous with age. Satiny bronze-red foliage provides eye-catching contrast.

Available in the 8-inch pot.

VIN Cora Mixer 0001

Vinca Cora Mixer in a Hanging Basket

Our beautiful trailing Cora® Cascade Vinca comes in 10-inch hanging baskets for quick hits of color. We like these vigorous plants for summer in Cincinnati because they survive 100 degree plus temperatures and stand up to drought as well as driving rain. Plus they’re highly disease-resistant so the extra large blooms last all summer with minimal attention on our end. This colorful mix of Strawberry, Polka Dot, and Lilac is a Diefenbacher exclusive.

Available in the 10-inch hanging basket.

 AGA Stevies Wonder 0002

Agapanthus ‘Stevie’s Wonder’

Isn’t it lovely? It’s hard to get a sense of how big these blooms get through the pictures. We’ve planted some for Field Day to give you the real sensation of how massive they become. The violet-blue flowers resemble a fireworks display, perched up high on tall, 3-foot stems. At the base of the plant a clump of glossy green, strap-like leaves completes the tropical picture.

Available in the 1-gallon pot.

EVO Blue My Mind 0001

Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’

This Proven Winners hybrid delivers a unique clear blue color that is simply hard to find in summer plants. Many blue flowers have hints of magenta that actually make them blue-purple. ‘Blue My Mind’ is an honest true blue. It grows low and mixes very well with other plants in containers.

Available in the 6- and 8-inch pot sizes.

IMP SunPatiens Compact Tropical Rose 0003

Impatiens ‘SunPatiens Compact Tropical Rose’

We have featured ‘Tropical Rose’ prominently in several of our past Field Day gardens. A unique SunPatiens variety from Sakata, it has vivid rose red flowers but its most distinguishing feature is its eye-catching variegated foliage. Brilliant yellow is framed by dark green on each leaf, creating a nice, tidy mound that’s covered with blooms all the way up to a hard frost.

Available in the 8-inch pot.

GOM Truffula Pink 06