Three New Fuchsias

Fuchsias DE 02

We’ve got three new fuchsias for spring and one word we’d use to describe them is elegant. All three have the delicate, pendulous blooms that fuchsias are known for but as you’ll see, each offers a unique spin on the classic look. Hanging baskets are where these trailing selections shine, gracefully cascading over the edges for a stunning display of color.

Fuchsias Billy 01

‘Billy’ has small, single blooms with violet corollas and bright rose-pink sepals. On mature flowers the slender sepals curve softly at the ends. This variety grows about 20 inches tall and is a very prolific bloomer.

Fuchsias Blacky 01

‘Blacky’ is a stylish take on fuchsia with exotic-looking semi double flowers. Hot pink sepals curl back to expose an interesting deep purple, almost black, corolla—we like the way the petals are gathered up into a ruffle. It grows about 8–10 inches tall and provides continuous color all summer.

Fuchsias DE 01

‘Dark Eyes’ is a vibrant selection with large flowers. Notice the intense violet-blue corollas—they’re made up of lush folds, giving the blooms a frilly appearance. Hot pink-to-deep crimson sepals offer dramatic contrast, punctuated by lots of dainty pink stamens for an extra decorative touch. It grows about 4–8 inches tall.

These trailing fuchsias perform best in cooler weather and in full to partial shade, but avoid exposing them to extreme heat or intense sun. They’re fairly low maintenance—just keep the soil moist and they’ll continue producing blooms until a hard frost hits them. 

Any one of our selections is compelling enough to stand alone as a focal point in the landscape. They also mix together well as eye-catching spillers in tall standing planters and window boxes—use them for a welcome splash of color in the shade garden. 

‘Billy’, ‘Blacky’, and ‘Dark Eyes’ are available in the 4.5-inch pot.