Dreamland Zinnia

Dreamland Zinnias 03

Zinnia is an old fashioned favorite. When it comes to showstopping color in a reliable, indestructible garden plant, zinnia is the clear winner every time. It’s very easy to grow, with large dahlia-like flowers in bold, cheery colors that last all summer. 

This spring we’ve added the Dreamland series to our line of zinnia. It’s a dwarf series similar to the famous Magellan zinnia that we’ve had great success with over the years. The flowers here are slightly smaller at 4 inches, whereas Magellan blooms can reach up to 5 inches—and the plants are ever so slightly shorter. Both series are among the best garden zinnias on the market today.

Dreamland Zinnias 02

Dreamland is early blooming, with fully double flowers in dazzling colors. Notice how the big, showy blooms cover the little plants. These dwarfs only grow 8–12 inches tall, but like the Magellan they’re strong and tough, with thick stems to hold up those big pompoms—no need for staking. You can hardly see the plants at all—they practically disappear beneath the flowers.

Dreamland Zinnias 00

We use Dreamland zinnias interchangeably with Magellan, at the front of a sunny border, as edging, or for an eye-catching solid carpet of color in a mass planting. Those brilliant zinnia flowers blend well with other bright summer blooms in the garden. We’re fond of them in containers, too, and we’ve noticed that they’re very popular for cutting. They last for well over a week in a vase, plus the more you cut them, the more flowers you’ll get—something to keep in mind.

This year we have Dreamland zinnia in pink, red, yellow, and a mix, available in the 8-inch pot. We have two new Magellan varieties as well—pink and scarlet—in the flat 1202 deep.