New Winged Begonias

BEG Baby Wing White

Landscapers and designers value winged begonias for their strong garden performance. They know they can count on these plants to provide beautiful flowers and attractive foliage all season long, in a variety of climates and conditions, with very little maintenance. We’ve added three new selections to our lineup this year; all are easy to grow in sun to part shade, but each is unique in character. 

‘Baby Wing White’ has shiny dark green leaves of the Dragon Wing type, only smaller. This is an upright, early flowering selection with an abundance of pretty white blooms in loose clusters. It is extremely heat tolerant.

BEG Million Kisses Devotion

‘Million Kisses Devotion’ is another early flowering variety, but with a nice trailing habit. That trailing nature makes it popular, but this plant is equally sought after for its flower power. As you can see, the arching, pendulous stems are covered with hundreds of large, bright red, trumpet-shaped blooms. It’s actually the most vigorous trailing begonia on the market—plus hummingbirds find it appealing.

BEG Bossa Nova Orange

‘Bossa Nova Orange’ is a vibrant, trailing selection with the flare of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Bright orange trumpet-shaped flowers bloom nonstop—like a street festival all season long. This variety cascades impressively as it matures, while still remaining tidy. Like the others, it performs well in a range of conditions but ‘Bossa Nova Orange’ thrives in the high heat particularly, even where other begonias have failed.

Winged begonias are popular for adding color and elegance to all types of containers, as well as garden beds and borders. We like to plant them en masse wherever we want low maintenance, season-long color. ‘Baby Wing White’ is a nice neutral shade that also lends itself well to combination planters. Of course, the trailing varieties look especially dramatic in hanging baskets and window boxes. 

We grow ‘Baby Wing White’ in the 4.5 and 8-inch pots. ‘Million Kisses Devotion’ comes in the 10-inch hanging basket. ‘Bossa Nova Orange’ is available in the 4.5-inch pot and the 10-inch hanging basket.