Summer 2014


Ornamental Pepper ‘Calico’

CALICO-00It’s easy to see how this pepper got its name: there are a lot of colors going on here, yet somehow it all works. With its variegated leaves and multi-colored fruit, ‘Calico’ has long seasonal appeal. As summer starts there is strong contrast in the tricolor variegation, with deep purples and greens highlighted by light creamy splashes. At this point the plants sport small purple flowers for added interest. In a few weeks, the fruit will start to develop and by late summer glossy cones of black will appear, turning bright red as they mature. 


Petunias in the Landscape

Pet-0For landscapers who know their boxwoods and arborvitae, petunias are a great source of supplemental income. You’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t offer them. The trick is to make the basics available so customers can experience what makes the petunia such a crowd pleaser. The majority of petunias we ship are destined for garden beds so they are purchased for their heavy color impact. A well-grown bed of petunias is hard to match for that solid blanket of color we admire so much.


Lantana ‘Bandana Red’ And ‘Bandana Cherry’

LAN Bandana-00We talk about lantana in the summer because it is so reliable for landscaping projects. It loves the high summer heat, provides good color coverage in very tropical colors, and protects the soil underneath from both sun and weeds. Two new lantana varieties for us this summer are ‘Bandana Red’ (the truest red we have found so far) and ‘Bandana Cherry’ (a magenta red).


Marigiold 'Hero Flame'

MAR Hero-Flame-00Marigolds are staples in the landscaper’s toolbox. They are easily recognized by clients, very durable in a wide range of garden situations, and endowed with a long bloom time. A standout cultivar among marigolds is ‘Hero Flame’, a showy bicolor double of yellow and brick red done in the French style. It also happens to be very short and compact as a garden plant.


Gerberas For Window Boxes: The Royals

Gerber-mainGerbera Daisies are known for dramatic flair. Their tall stems are perfect for cutting gardens but they are generally too tall for container presentations. Fortunately, the Gerbera breeders are an active bunch. The newly released Royal Gerbera series has been specifically bred for short stems, abundant flowers and a tight, compact habit—ideal for window boxes, patio planters, deck gardens and other decor projects. Daisy-like flowers are always popular and the vivid colors of this series catch people by surprise.

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