Gerberas For Window Boxes: The Royals

Gerber-mainGerbera Daisies are known for dramatic flair. Their tall stems are perfect for cutting gardens but they are generally too tall for container presentations. Fortunately, the Gerbera breeders are an active bunch. The newly released Royal Gerbera series has been specifically bred for short stems, abundant flowers and a tight, compact habit—ideal for window boxes, patio planters, deck gardens and other decor projects. Daisy-like flowers are always popular and the vivid colors of this series catch people by surprise.

Deep Yellow

Royal flowers are big and showy, supplying that famous Gerbera drama, but they grow on a plant that gets only 12–14 inches high. Expect to see about 3–4 buds per plant, blooming close together. In a landscape bed, space Royals an equal distance apart; in containers, plant a few in the center for drama and surround them with lower growing fillers and spillers. Sometimes we’ll put a slender juncus grass in the middle of the Gerberas to add a little flourish at the top.

Deep Pink

Blooms will last 4–6 weeks and plants will continue to re-bloom throughout the summer if placed outdoors in the sun. Royal Gerberas make great gifts or decor elements that work well both indoors and outdoors. They can handle some partial shade—a couple of hours per day—but they are tender plants so they won’t survive the winter.


Royal Gerberas are striking in the vividness of their colors. Gerbera Daisies are naturally bright but the Royals kick the boldness up a notch. We are shipping 4.5-inch pots of Royals in five different colors this week: Yellow, Deep Pink, Red, Deep Orange, and Golden Yellow. A mix is also available if you’d prefer a few of each within a flat:

  • Yellow—bright yellow petals with a green eye
  • Deep Yellow—dark yellow petals and a dark center
  • Deep Pink—salmon petals that intensify as they approach the dark eye
  • Red—a strong red with a dark red eye
  • Orange—a dark orange with a dark eye