Titan Vincas

VT-mainJuly and August are the months that test the decisions we made earlier in the spring. The heat kicks in and so does the humidity; rain may be generous, but often it is not. Still, in the face of these conditions, our customers want their garden beds to look beautiful so we turn to the reliable Titan vinca.


We've seen more and more landscapers turn to vinca over the past four years—it has definitely become a key crop to rival the big boys. This plant is chosen for its incredible dependability in the face of weather and heat, rather than for its color range or color coverage. The only place it won’t thrive is in the shade.


Titans have large impatiens-like flowers; the light, bright blooms sit flush with dark, glossy foliage. These plants don’t provide the same color coverage as standard impatiens, but they don’t suffer from the downy mildew problem, either. They do provide excellent soil coverage, since their habit is short, thick and bushy. Full sun leads to better flowering and plants will grow to a height of about 16 inches.

Icy Pink

Rotate Titans with petunias as a path toward effective soil management; it will keep the petunia pathogens from gaining a foothold in the garden bed. Pink vinca is a very close match to a solid pink petunia in color, so it can be offered as part of a package.


We sell Titan vincas in the standard colors of red, dark red, lilac, rose, and icy pink, plus ‘Lavender Blue Halo’ which has a white eye. Vinca genetics are fairly rigid; plants don’t exhibit the frenetic color-change nature that pansies do, or the incredible range of petunias. However, tough and durable are important design features for many landscaping beds and Titans have both of these qualities, plus they are very low-maintenance. Look for our Titans in the 6-inch pot—dark red and icy pink are in the 8-inch pot as well.

‘Lavender Blue Halo’

In addition we offer a trailing type of vinca: ‘Cora Cascade’. Trailing vinca grows lower to the ground and more sideways, whereas Titans are upright and bushy. The Cascades are short stem trailers—they don't ramble across the ground like an ipomoea would. ‘Cora Cascade Peach Blush’ is available in the 6-inch pot.

‘Cora Cascade Peach Blush’

Over the summer, you will run into a number of patch, repair, and expansion projects. Keep in mind that we grow fresh crops for the summer season, and we carry landscaping standards as well as the drama plants necessary for those important weekend events.