Rudbeckia ‘Toto Rustic’ and ‘Toto Gold’

Rudbeckia-00Our Rudbeckia in the 8-inch pot is looking very fresh—it’s just coming into bloom with a good set of buds. Year after year we see strong sales amongst the popular hirta species because the flowers are so showy. ‘Toto Rustic’ and ‘Toto Gold’ are the two best varieties because of their reliable performance and large flowers.

Toto Rustic’

These plants love the heat—they’ll bloom continuously all summer long. The flowers will stick around until September or October, which is great because their warm tones fit right in with autumn decor. After that, attractive dried seed heads—and the birds that eat the seeds— keep the interest going all the way into winter.

‘Toto Gold’

Both of these Toto varieties are dwarfs, only growing about a foot tall. Their blooms are still big and bold and there are lots of them—flowers will literally cover the plants. Stems are short and stout—built for holding up those oversized daisies. Plus plants are compact and uniform—just right for smaller gardens.

‘Toto Rustic’

‘Toto Rustic’ is striking, with its dark chocolate cone surrounded by a ring of rich mahogany-red. Sometimes you’ll get a hint of orange as the dark red gives way to golden-yellow petal tips—it’s truly an eye-catching selection.

‘Toto Gold’ 

Equally striking, ‘Toto Gold’ is monochromatic, with bright golden-yellow petals surrounding a deep brown cone. Cheery is the word that comes to mind; a pretty pot of ‘Toto Gold’ at the front door would just put you in a good mood no matter what kind of day you’ve had.


Fill in the front of a sunny border with either or both of these outstanding black-eyed Susans—they really shine when planted in a group. Use them to add form and texture to mixed containers. Their warm tones complement other bright colors, particularly magenta or blue.

As mentioned above, both of these Rudbeckia varieties are available in the 8-inch pot, shipping now.