Glorious Celosia

Celosia-MLong-lasting arrow-shaped plumes add unmatched texture and an exotic flair to the landscape—simply stated: they’re striking. Our new Glorious series is a dwarf celosia, compact and nicely branched with larger, bushy flowers and vibrant green foliage. Both the plants and the flower plumes are notably uniform, so you can depend on this series for reliable performance all summer long.

Glorious Mix

Glorious varieties prefer full sun and plants are heat and drought tolerant—perfect for infusing drab, dry hot spots with some cheery color. Plumes reach up to 10-inches on plants that grow only about a foot tall. Although they’re drought tolerant, they do need water but no deadheading is required.

Glorious Red

Take advantage of the vivid choice of flower colors in this series for great mixed combinations. Create a festive look with Glorious varieties used en masse, or make a statement with one selection as the focal point in a large landscape planting. We like the way the upright plumes edge a garden border, resembling a small, feathery picket fence.

Glorious Yellow

Another eye-catching celosia in stock right now is ‘Smart Look Red’—it will take that sunny hot spot in a completely different direction. Brilliant scarlet red plumes stand out against chocolate-colored foliage for extreme contrast, as opposed to the Day-Glo™ flowers and verdant leaves of the Glorious series. Think of this as the dark side of celosia: Darth Mall to the Glorious’ Yoda and R2-D2.

‘Smart Look Red’

Other than the green leaf/dark leaf aspect, ‘Smart Look Red’ is similar to the Glorious series. Bushy, long-lasting plumes are uniform in color and bloom all summer; plants are heat and drought tolerant, performing best in full sun and reaching a height of 12–14 inches. Needless to say, it will create drama wherever it goes.

‘Smart Look Red’

Our Glorious celosia comes in the 8-inch pot. We have (5) varieties: Orange, Pink, Yellow, Red, and a mix. ‘Smart Look Red’ is available in the 8-inch pot as well.