Ten Easter Gift Ideas

Easter-mainWith the beautiful weather lately, and even more scheduled, we are looking forward to healthy Easter weekend sales. If your inventory is low or lacking in diversity, it’s not too late to add color and variety to your retail space as long as you place your order quickly. Our deliveries are prompt and we have a lot of color material in stock. Here is a list of the top ten Easter Gift Ideas available to ship this week:

EASTER GERANIUM with ornamental holiday tag


Regal geranium is an old-fashioned variety that has come back into style. This geranium is more comfortable with cooler weather and its frilly, delicate-looking blooms make it an ideal gift plant. Each of our Regal geraniums ships with a decorative Easter tag that includes extra care instructions.



Known for their creamy, rose-like blooms, Rieger begonias provide the largest and showiest color displays. We sell them in 10-inch hanging baskets as well as in 4.5-inch pots. Orange and yellow are particularly nice, but we also have a soft pink and white bicolor that is perfect for Easter.



We have (20) different styles of 10-inch combination baskets ready to ship. Visit our availability list for the complete selection, but here are three exceptional choices: 

  • Bermuda Beach
    (Lobelia ‘Laguna™ Sky Blue’, Calibrachoa ‘Superbells® Yellow Chiffon’, and Petunia ‘Supertunia® Bermuda Beach’)
  • Moonlight Sonata
    (Purple petunia, yellow calibrachoa, and green ipomoea)
  • Last Embers
    (Bidens, orange calibrachoa, and blue petunia)

EASTER LILY with ornamental holiday tag


Shipping in real clay pots, our Easter Lilies make especially nice gifts. We offer three sizes and grow them with more blooms than the supermarket version. Each Lily includes an Easter gift tag that adds a festive holiday touch.



Another beautiful decor begonia is the Illumination variety. We sell it in three colors: apricot, rose and orange. Illuminations are shade-loving begonias with long pendulous blooms that drape downward, fuchsia-style. Brighten darker corners of the home with these begonias—they bloom profusely throughout the summer.



Each Cottage Garden Bowl is a custom mix of cool-loving decor plants we developed here specifically for the weather of early spring. If customers are still concerned about bracing nights, this is a combo that can be kept outdoors.

EASTER AZALEA with ornamental holiday tag


We have four colors of azalea plus two very nice bicolors. Each one ships with our Easter Azalea gift tag that includes detailed care instructions on the back and a festive holiday theme on the front.



Dahlia is so showy it makes a natural gift for someone who likes to garden. It’s also super easy for those who want to garden but are timid to try. This is an exceptional choice for beginning gardeners—it’s a plant with a great pay-off, so anyone can bask in the warm glow of success!



We have (17) different succulents to offer this weekend, including: sedum, echeveria, sempervivum, senecio, kalanchoe, aeonium and crassula. All are superb houseplant gifts when placed in clay pots or decor ceramics, plus they are very good garden citizens when planted around decks, porches and rock gardens. Some beds are composed of gravel mulch and succulents do very well there.

EASTER HYDRANGEA with ornamental holiday tag


As we mentioned in an earlier article, our hydrangeas are grown for more blooms and bigger ones as well. Each plant includes a decorative holiday tag with detailed care instructions on the back.



Canna is a showy plant for those who prefer an out-of-the-ordinary Easter gift. We have two cultivars available right now: ‘Tropical Bronze Scarlet’ and ‘Tropical Yellow’.



Double ruffled daffodils would make an extraordinary Easter gift, whether wrapped in foil, placed in a vine basket or dropped in a decorative ceramic bowl. ‘White Lion’, a white double, is especially appropriate for Easter.