Our Expanded Hellebore Program

HELL-mainWe’ve expanded our Hellebore program to include a total of (14) cultivars this year with a broad range of colors and types. Hellebore is turning into a premium choice for color to open the early spring season. Plants are extremely cold-tolerant—they bloom naturally when the threat of snow is still in the air and shrug off any snow that does come along. Breeders have been very active, so we have a generous range of colors and styles that we simply did not have a few years ago.

Once the leaves come out, Hellebores need full to partial shade. Here is a rundown of what we will be shipping in 1-gallon pots:


Ballerina Ruffles: Light pink-to-deep pink double with a wide range of variegation patterns. Flowers retain their color even after they are spent.


Berry Swirl: A red double. It’s a color-changer, so some plants will produce a light pink with red-tinged edges—or something in-between. We think these plants are fun, and each bloom is genuinely beautiful.


Blue Metallic Lady: A blue-to-purple flower with a light silvery sheen that gives it a slightly metallic patina.


Conny: Milky white blooms with perfect little spots of maroon in the center.


Ivory Prince: The most prolific bloomer we grow. Large flowers open well above the foliage and are outward-facing to boot. Creamy white blooms abound—in the garden they look like bunches of tight bouquets.


Onyx Odyssey: The blackest Hellebore we know. Flowers are deep purple, but we’ve seen blooms where the pigment has darkened way down to black—not a color you usually see in the early spring.


Peppermint Ice: Wow. A spectacularly thick double Hellebore with deep raspberry markings surrounding a white center. It resembles a lotus and is the showpiece of our Hellebore collection.


Pink Frost: Rose-colored, upward-facing blooms are lightly variegated with white. Flowers open a light pink and mature to deep red. It is known for having abundant blooms.


Pink Lady: Light pink Hellebore with freckles on some of the blooms. Some flowers deliver a deeper rose color. Blooms are very flat and disc-shaped.


Pink Marble: Leaves are veined with silver. White flowers are marbled with pink and green on arching, deep pink stems.


Pink Parachutes: A deep pink bi-color with a light frosting of white. The backs are light pink or white, giving them a two-tone look. Flowers can grow up to 4 inches.


Red Lady: The reddest Hellebore we grow, and a solid red at that. Unlike most Hellebores, this cultivar holds true to its color from plant to plant. Upward-facing.


White Lady Spotted: White flowers have deep maroon centers. Outward-facing blooms.


Winter Thriller Mix: Outward-facing flowers in a wide range of vibrant colors, from pure white to lime green to deep burgundy. Some plants will bloom as bi-colors or doubles.