New Bicolor New Guineas

01.MainWith the decline of impatiens as a crop, there is increasing interest in a larger range of New Guinea Impatiens. Many newspaper articles go out of their way to mention that downy mildew DOES NOT affect New Guinea Impatiens, even though impatiens is right there in the name. No wonder the demand is scaling up—for us, the larger New Guineas are wonderful displayed in hanging baskets and large containers. Smaller New Guineas work well in small pots, as bedding plants, and as landscape color.

In response to the demand, we have added three stunning bicolor New Guineas to our Spring 2014 line: Harmony Radiance™ in Coral, Lilac and Magenta. Overall, we like the color presentation of this series. Plants offer much higher color coverage with a smaller infrastructure holding the blooms up—it sounds curious until you realize that standard impatiens present their color this way as well.


Harmonies are the mid-size New Guineas we turn to when we want a right-sized plant to create a consistently even display of color. They are also the New Guineas we mix with other types of material in containers or in the landscape. For window boxes and other locations where plants need to behave well in their allotted space, Harmonies are THE New Guineas to use.


In the past, the Harmony Series has offered a respectable range of solid colors, but beyond the solids there were very few choices. The breeders took note and got busy—they’ve produced a small range of quality bicolor blooms on a New Guinea Impatiens. More than just dots in the center or lightly tinted throats—these bicolors start from a pastel center and strengthen into deep shades at the petal edges. It's an effective look when it is well bred, and these Harmonies are prime examples.

Coral is probably the best of the batch—it has the creamiest center with the best contrast to its rosy pink edges. A sliced apple comes to mind—we’ve only seen this look in a few other places. Here on the Harmony the effect is greater because the blooms are bigger.


Both Lilac and Magenta are monochrome varieties, featuring two tints of the same color. Lilac has a lavender center with purple edges. Magenta offers the softest contrast with a light pink center and dark pink edges. All three choices provide strong personality for baskets, containers and plantings for both retailers and landscapers next year.

Add these New Guinea bicolors to your Early Order, or reserve them later in the winter or early spring as we grow out our crop. Just visit our online ordering system at dgi.cc, or place an order with the office or our salesperson, John.