Field Conversation: Coleus Display Gardens

Although summer ended a while ago, the coleus beds in our display gardens held up remarkably well throughout September. We learn a lot from these gardens: 

  • How big will a coleus get? 
  • How much room does it need?
  • Which patterns mix well together? 
  • How does it perform in sun or shade? 
  • When does the coleus season end? 

We think it’s helpful to grow out the plants we sell and talk about them amongst ourselves. It’s one way we identify quality material. As our readers know, we put a lot of effort into understanding coleus, so we grew out a lot of different cultivars this year: ‘Redhead’, ‘Wasabi’, ‘Vino’, and ‘Rustic Orange’—all tall coleus with good sun performance. We also put the Marquis series into deep shade—it’s a low growing coleus with different burgundy markings and leaf edges to offer.

We thought you might like to listen in on our year-end conversation—we also took a lot of pictures so you can see the coleus display gardens as we discuss them.

Click Below To Listen

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