Superbells Calibrachoa for Fall Décor

Superbells-mainLast week we talked about petunias for early autumn décor and calibrachoa is right there beside them at the top of the color chart. Sometimes it would be nice to have that petunia look in the fall with a smaller flower and a pretty trailing habit, and that’s when we turn to calibrachoa. For its sheer abundance of blooms and intense, vibrant colors we grow the Superbells series—a single plant can provide hundreds of small, petunia-like flowers. We have a good variety of warm harvest colors to help transition from summer to autumn décor. These plants are true performers—they bounce right back after a rainstorm and even during times of stress they retain their fullness and remain compact.


Plant Superbells calibrachoa in full sun. They will tolerate a range of conditions—heat, humidity, drought, and frost —so they’re very low-maintenance. Blooms will keep coming well into autumn with no deadheading required, and plants stay short, reaching no more than 10 inches tall. One thing to watch out for: they cannot tolerate standing water. Superbells are disease resistant but root rot will get them. Make sure the soil is well-drained and be careful not to overwater.


Containers are where Superbells shine, lavishly spilling out of hanging baskets and window boxes. We think it’s fun to take advantage of the vivid color selection and mix several together—they look cheerful cascading over the edge of an elegant planter or rustic pot. Since calibrachoa don’t perform well in the ground in the Cincinnati soil, containers full of them seem all the more special.


The following Superbells selections are
currently available in the 4.5-inch pot:

  • ‘Blue’—Intense blue-purple flowers have yellow throats.
  • ‘Yellow’—Bright, clear yellow flowers have deeper yellow throats.
  • ‘Red’—Deep rosy red flowers have yellow throats.
  • ‘Tequila Sunrise’—This festive mix is made up of orange, red and golden yellow flowers.

We also have some calibrachoa combinations
shipping in the 10-inch hanging basket:

  • Autumn Sunrise (Purple/Apricot/Yellow)
  • Autumn Jewels (Blue/Orange/Yellow/Coralberry)
  • Autumn Sunset (Purple/Orange/Yellow)
  • Autumn Flame (Orange/Scarlet/Yellow)

‘Tequila Sunrise’