Potunia Petunias for Autumn

PP-MainPetunias are at the top of the color charts right now and they’re popular for early autumn décor. Plenty of warmth is left in the season and we have many harvest colors available to replace those summer petunias that are getting tired about now. For vibrant, long-lasting color we grow the Potunia series. Along with its unique, intense colors, this series is noted for its compact, mounded habit. Plants are nicely rounded, like bubbles, making them ideal for containers. Even the tight green foliage keeps its color all season. These upright plants are simply covered with blooms; they are showy right from the get-go and do not fade in the heat of Indian summer days like some other petunia varieties.


Potunia Plus selections have larger flowers than regular Potunias. ‘Banana’ has creamy white blooms with yellow centers and hints of rose. We also grow the vibrant ‘Potunia Plus Purple’ and ‘Potunia Plus Red.’ Potunia Surprise varieties are vigorous and trailing with a flat, spreading habit. They also perform well in containers and hanging baskets, but place them carefully because they tend to overtake less aggressive plants around them. ‘Midnight Cowboy’ is deep, velvety purple—almost black—and ‘Surprise Yellow’ is lemon yellow with creamy white edges; we also have the vivid ‘Surprise Blue’.


These petunias are easy to grow and thrive in just about any climate, simply plant them in full sun. They’re fairly drought-tolerant and require less water than other varieties. This is good news—not only are they less work, they can also survive for a few days while a gardener is on vacation. The big blooms are resilient and bounce right back after a rain, plus with a little deadheading the flowers will keep coming all season long.

‘Midnight Cowboy’ 

In addition to hanging baskets and containers, these 10-inch tall plants are great for coloring up the landscape. They’re effective at the front of a border, especially when planted en masse, as a solid block of color or a mixture of different shades. We like to place brightly colored petunias around the base of a large mum, either in a bed or in an oversized decorative pot; they pair well with other vivid selections. Retailers will find that Potunia varieties won’t droop in the store, they’ll stay mounding; plus since they need less water, plants won’t dry out as fast—freeing up employees to tend to other tasks. Customers love the fact that petunias attract both butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden.

‘Sweetunia Black Satin’

There are two other petunias we are currently shipping. One is ‘Sweetunia Black Satin’, a vigorous semi-mounding, semi-trailing variety. Medium-sized flowers are deep, rich, velvety black—stunning. The intense blooms contrast nicely with many different colors. Our other petunia selection is ‘Supertunia Bordeaux’—its large pink flowers have dark purple-burgundy veining. A profusion of blooms covers this compact, trailing variety, making it an eye-catching spiller for large hanging baskets. 

‘Supertunia Bordeaux’

All of our petunias are currently available in the 4.5-inch pot. Order them soon—they’re extremely popular.