The Double Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa-DoubleWe have to admit we have a special fondness for the Double Calibrachoa. To us, the folded-up flowers seem like bouquets upon bouquets of tiny little roses—a very fancy look for a very popular basket and container plant. The Minifamous Doubles don’t require any special care beyond what calibrachoas normally need, so you can easily upgrade a mix or a design with them.

Double Amethyst

Double calibrachoas offer richly textured color. They feature a fatter bloom, yes, but their folds and bends catch more light as well as more shadows. These folds give the flower added dimension and provide a wide range of hues for the light to play upon; you might not realize it, but you will see it. Plants will trail their color down about 18 to 24 inches in a neat and orderly way.

Double Magenta

One thing we like about the Minifamous line is that plants have a habit of facing their flowers up toward the viewer for a better presentation. They also grow out from the center rather than the edges. Minifamous have rounded tops and better height, so they work best when they are the center of attention. If you have any edge-growing calibrachoas, use them as spillers—they work best when placed underneath something else.

Double Lemon

The breeders have been busy with the doubles, so the range of available colors has greatly expanded. We are strong supporters of the Minifamous line, so we carry good numbers for both the singles and the doubles. Most of their colors are straightforward solids but if you like your colors complex, take a look at Double Rose Chai or even the subtle Double Lemon, with its little white zest on the edge.

Double Pink

Calibrachoas are busy and noisy with so many series, colors, patterns and copycats that it can be hard to choose the standout varieties. The Minifamous Double is a series you should seriously consider for your container work.

Double Rose Chai