New For Spring Rush

begonia-reiger-hbWe are opening new lots almost daily now as we ramp up for Spring Rush. Let us give you a walking tour of the changes since last week, because so much has been happening:




Wax Begonias


All sizes are ready with the 8-inch and the 1801Ls now available in color. We also opened more 6-inch begonias for shipping, so the full crop is basically available:

  • Sizes: 8-inch, 6-inch, 4.5-inch, 1203 tray and 1801L
  • Leaf types: Bronze and green, both standard and large leaf
  • Colors: White, pink, dark pink, red and a mix



Our petunias just started opening last week, and they have gone into tight buds and full color. Petunias do well in cool weather—our flats are already outside. We offer a wide range of petunias since they are so popular:

  • Types: Standard, double, spreading and vegetative
  • Sizes: Baskets, 4.5-inch pots, 306 market baskets, 1801D, 1801L
  • Colors: A ton of choices here—‘Pretty Much Picasso’, ‘Raspberry Blast’, Wave and Easy Wave in several colors, Double Wave series, Panache series—all of them prime or just before prime

Combinations in Planters and Baskets


We have boosted the numbers on our custom combinations, so we have a better and deeper selection than before. They have just opened up as well, and they look prime. As you know, we pay close attention to the color mix as well as to the plant habits and the texture of the material to make our combinations look especially nice. It’s hard to pick a favorite, so here are a few we pulled together for the photograph.

  • Sizes: 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch planters; 12-inch hanging baskets in plastic and fiber pots

Lantanas Now Available


Lantanas are up-and-coming landscape plants because of their tropical colors and dependable growing behavior. They add a splash of the beach to any garden they go into, and we’ve had very good results with our crops. If you haven’t tried lantanas before, you really should. Go with ‘Lucky Flame’ in pots or consider ‘Pot of Gold’ or ‘Mango Sunshine’ in baskets.

  • Sizes: 4.5-inch and 12cm pots; 10-inch hanging baskets

Marigolds in Color


Two more good, durable crops are the French and African marigolds—strong performers for both retail centers and landscapers. All colors are pretty much ready to go.

  • Size: 1203 tray



Our calibrachoa selection has expanded over the past few years: more Superbells, more Mini Famous, and more Cabarets. These are primarily basket and combination plants for Cincinnati gardens. We also have more types of mixed baskets than ever before plus a wide range of colors in our 4.5-inch pots.

We’ve paid close attention to the polish and trim of our calibrachoa baskets, so we are on top of our game for this crop.

New Guinea Impatiens


Our full crop of New Guineas are available now—not just the baskets, but also the 4.5-inch pots. We have about (18) different colors in the pots and (9) different colors now available in baskets. This crop is looking very strong right now.

Fancy Begonias


Begonias encompass a large family and we grow most of them. The flowers feature very dramatic colors and shapes.

  • Winged Begonias: An aggressively growing category for us. We offer three sizes (4.5-inch, 1801L and 10-inch baskets) in a bunch of colors.
  • Illumination Begonias: Three colors in 10-inch baskets
  • Reiger Begonias: (7) colors in 4.5-inch pots and 10-inch baskets
  • Rex Begonias: Grower’s choice in 4.5-inch pots

We are experimenting with ‘Benitochiba’, if you want to try some.

  • Tuberous Begonias: (3) colors in 4.5-inch pots

Also newly available:


  • Zinnia: Magellans and both types of Profusions (singles and doubles) are now available in 1202s.
  • Ipomea: Our first crops of ipomeas are ready in five sizes: 8-inch, 12cm, 4.5-inch, 1801L and 1801D. More will be available next week.
  • Caladium: All of our caladiums are now available in 4.3-inch and 6-inch pots.
  • Verbena: Three sizes are available—4.5-inch pots, 12cm pots and 1203 trays. It’s a favorite of ours, featured on the cover of the Spring Idea Book.
  • Euphorbia: ‘Diamond Frost’ is ready in 4.5-inch pots, and so are ‘Breathless Blushing’ and ‘Euphoric White’.
  • Coleus: Lots more sizes are now available—10-inch baskets, 4.5-inch pots, 12cm pots, 1203 and 1801L trays.
  • Torenia: Available in 10-inch baskets and 4.5-inch pots in blues, pinks, yellows and white.