Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Centerpieces00We’ve had good luck developing baskets and combos for the various holidays, so we thought we would develop a centerpiece combo for Thanksgiving as well. This is not an early Christmas piece, but a holiday-specific Thanksgiving Centerpiece in two colors, yellow and orange.

Our Thanksgiving Centerpiece is designed to look good in wicker baskets or in centerpiece dishes. It’s low and a bit wide—so that dinner guests will be able to see over and around it easily. A nice splash of color at the top for drama is supported by contrasting darker shades underneath.


The Yellow Centerpiece features yellow poinsettias mixed with ornamental sage and purple heuchera. A touch of asparagus fern and some needlepoint ivy round out the presentation. We like how the purple of the sage and the heuchera showcases the yellow of the poinsettias.


The Orange Centerpiece consists of light orange poinsettias with baby’s breath and purple heuchera as well. Asparagus fern and a little bit of Jacob's ladder are sprinkled through to add texture and interest to the mix.


Both centerpieces make great holiday and hostess gifts. They are more living arrangements than combos and with some water, should be happy on the table for several weeks after Thanksgiving. We ship them in wicker baskets or in 10-inch terra cotta-colored bowls starting this week.