Poinsettia ‘Ice Crystal’

01.Ice-Crystal00Variegated poinsettias sell well around Thanksgiving and right afterwards. Decorators who get to work early in the season are serious about their presentations and gravitate toward the more unusual plants, so those tend to sell early. For a look that is off the beaten path, we recommend ‘Ice Crystal’.

Gather these plants together into a stand or a display or even in a Hearthside Planter—they’ll look like traditional poinsettias dusted with Christmas snow. Such a beautiful effect is one that only this style of variegation can produce. With a full set of color brachts on top, the display is nice and big on each plant. Plus ‘Ice Crystal’ grows more slowly than the quick cultivars, producing that classic ball of color customers like so much. Overall, the impact gives ‘Picasso’ a run for its money as best looking display plant.


‘Ice Crystal’ is fairly new to the market. Drummen introduced the variety about two years ago so don’t expect to find it at the box stores or chain supermarkets. We like to grow it because the variegation is even and uniform around the plant—which is not always the case in poinsettia cultivars.


You won’t see everyone growing ‘Ice Crystal’. It is not a mass market, churn-them-out-cheap kind of cultivar. ‘Ice Crystal’ has a slow growth rate, is sensitive to PGRs and has a fussy schedule. However, if you are serious about poinsettias and value a truly impressive variety, ‘Ice Crystal’ is more than worth the effort.


As with all poinsettias, keep ‘Ice Crystal’ in bright, indirect light. Direct winter sun can be tough on a variegated leaf. Keep plants away from heating vents also, and avoid outside doors that let in cold drafts. Poinsettias do not react well to sudden changes in air temperature—their leaf edges will curl.

In addition to the Hearthside, we also offer ‘Ice Crystal’ in 6-inch and 7.5-inch pots. Plants will be ready for shipping around Thanksgiving.