Order Thanksgiving Poinsettias Now

point0001Although it may seem strange to talk about poinsettias at turkey time, the truth is that there are sales in providing early red color for Christmas. Some businesses want color delivered earlier so they can prep for the big “Day After” without working on Thanksgiving Day. Some need early delivery because big projects require extra prep and ample time to pull everything together.

And, frankly, some businesses jump the holiday because customers do buy for Christmas ahead of Thanksgiving. We’ve personally enjoyed dinner at homes where the poinsettias have been nicely arranged already—somebody had to sell those plants.


This is one of those “skate to where the puck is going” issues. There is a market for early poinsettia sales, and we can supply it. Our first crop of poinsettias will be the ‘Early Prestige’, which blooms a full week and a half earlier than other cultivars. We checked on it today, and the plants look like they will be ready to ship in mid-November.


Now, this is not a compromised cultivar. We don’t grow those. This is a nice, well-rounded plant with large bracts and a natural V-shaped habit we especially like—it’s an ideal shape for fancy sleeves. The reds and greens are both nice and dark, which most people prefer. It is truly a great plant and we are pleased at how well it finishes so early.

Remember—the best material goes quickly, so we highly recommend to our readers that you pre-order now to ensure your shipment of early reds. Just call John on his phone, or call the front office and place your order. We also accept fax and email orders.


With other cultivars there is no guarantee that the regular color will be set to ship the day after Thanksgiving. It might not ship until the following week. 

The good news is ‘Early Prestige’. This cultivar delivers the earliest red reliably. As we mentioned, we’ve double-checked our crop, and it is coming along fine. So if you are in that November poinsettia market, be sure to get a chunk of the ‘Early Prestige’.