Pansy & Viola Trays Right Now

ViolaPansyRight about now, the season starts to get busy. It may be cool and raw on one day, but another day will bring warm and comfortable temperatures. The soil is soft and workable, and the trade is looking for early color. We have many selections available now, so let's take a tour of what we are shipping:

Pansy and viola trays—the backbone of early spring work. They are popular, flexible and durable for the weather we have in March. If you are doing a large planting, pick up some some tulips or daffodils to give the garden bed a more premium look. We also have showy varieties of pansies and violas to make a garden bed or retail bench stand out.

For Retailers: The 1203 Trays


These trays are the perforated type that split apart into twelve three-cell packs. Each pack has its own tag for the consumer. This category demands diversity and we supply it. For example, this week we are shipping over (46) different cultivars and mixes of pansies in the 1203 trays alone. Selections include the popular Deltas, Matrix®, and Dynamites, but we are featuring some unusual varieties as well: the Watercolor series, ‘Panola Citrus Mix’, ‘Coastal Sunrise’, the Silhouette series, the Cotton Candies and the unique ‘Fizzy Lemonberry’.

For Landscapers: The 1801L Trays


These trays are planted specifically for commercial bedding projects. They ship with a single tag to identify the tray, which is a single-piece unit. Pop all the cells out, drop them in the soil and you are on your way. Yellows, oranges and blues are the popular varieties, but we also have ‘Jewel Mix’ when you need a tray or two of premixed color. In all, we have eight different shades this week with more color coming online in the next two weeks.

For Retailers: The 306 Market Basket


These trays are impulse purchases made for warm sunny weekends. Larger pots come in a tray equipped with a carry-out handle. We grow this crop as a larger, extra-showy plant. You will notice that in general we tilt our production toward extra-showy, extra-nice plants with a WOW factor, like the Panolas and Watercolors. These are extraordinary, well-grown plants that you won’t see elsewhere.

And the Violas


Retailers and landscapers: be sure to pick up some violas. The Sorbets bloom aggressively, forming a carpet of color, and the series features a wonderful selection of yellows, oranges, creams, blues and violets—often in two-tone combinations. They bloom earlier, handle rougher weather, and keep blooming until the heat of late spring kicks in. Violas are a great value, so we offer a wide selection in all of our standard tray sizes: 1203s, 1801Ls and 306 market baskets.