Some Pansy Favorites

PansyWe aim for diversity among our crops, even in the earliest part of the season when the choices can be thin. With pansies, the selection is certainly there. Take a moment to review some of our favorite varieties below. Our full list is pretty extensive—today we counted (59) different sizes and colors of pansies available and ready to ship.

Of course, we carry the standard Delta and Matrix® series to fill out landscape beds and garden benches. You’ll find that beyond the common yellow and faced pansies we have a number of other cultivars to offer as well. Here are some selections that catch our eye:

Delta Fire


Technically a tri-color pansy, ‘Delta Fire’ is fun because of the variability in the flower. Some blooms are strong yellows, whereas some are deep orange. Planted together in a large block, the color flickers back and forth like flames in a fireplace. This trait is a great selling point when brought to a customer’s attention.

Blue Frost


Another favorite pansy category for us is the frosted type. These white-faced pansies have tinges of color along the edges of the petals. ‘Blue Frost’ is another pansy with variable markings among its blooms, but it’s a monochrome planting—blues and whites—so the effect is slightly muted.

Jewell Mix


We like the color selection of ‘Matrix® Jewel Mix’. Blooms lean heavily toward the jewel tones, though it’s not a heavy mix—there are lighter pansy shades that appear as flecks in the total color picture. These are all clear-faced pansies, so the focus is on the color rather than on the pansy face itself.



For soft creams or a slightly buttery look, we like ‘Matrix® Primrose’. It’s a very light tint—almost a warm white—with a small dot of yellow melted in the center of each flower. Long-time readers know that we are partial to monochrome plantings, and we especially like variations on white gardens. This pansy is one to turn to for that type of design.

True Blue


Clear pure blues are at a premium in the flower world. Most blues tip towards purple or lavender while trying to be considered a true blue. This pansy delivers a solid, clear blue that is not pale and is not dark. Plant these in a solid block because a strong showing of blue is pretty rare as display gardens go.

Clear Mix


Sometimes, you just want a general crowd pleaser—a blend of colors that always looks great, always makes people happy, and never presents a problem. In a perfect world it would require no thought; you could just plant it and instantly you would have a beautiful garden. Well, that combination exists and it’s ‘Dynamite Clear Mix’. We turn to it when we need something that we can dump out of the tray and know that as soon as it gets into the ground it will look great. In this business, spring can be stressful—everybody needs a little shortcut now and then.