The Spiritual Side of Calibrachoas

CalibrachoaLast year we grew some gorgeous 10-inch calibrachoa baskets in mono and mixed colors. These are photos we took just as we were loading the plants into the trucks for shipment. Every year we add more production numbers to the crop, but it still sells out fast.

Heads-up to all our readers on this particular crop: if you want these absolutely stunning baskets, reserve them now. Call our office and place your order, or order them online through our store. We expect most of them to be spoken for by the time they ship.

Calibrachoa Bold Move
Calibrachoa 'Bold Move'

Looking at these photos brings back happy memories for us. We are extremely fond of calibrachoas, and believe our affection is reflected in our crops. Calibrachoas require some nuanced care in order to bring the plants to their fullest potential, and that’s what makes them so satisfying to us as growers.

Calibrachoa Cabaret Lavender
Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Lavender'

We don’t speak about it very much, but there is a spiritual side to growing that is actually what keeps us running the business. Being surrounded by beautiful, colorful, healthy plants in the greenhouse all day is uplifting, and it’s gratifying to see the results of all the skill and hard work that we know went into growing them.

Calibrachoa Hanging Baskets
Calibrachoa Hanging Baskets

Growing is many things—a job, a business, a way of life—but it’s that satisfaction that gives our industry its common ground; our customers, our peers and our competitors all talk about it in some form or fashion. Answering the needs of these little plants isn’t always easy; seeing them grow to express their full potential with the perfect bloom and shape is its own reward.

Calibrachoa Purple Sunshine
Calibrachoa 'Purple Sunshine'

Of all the reasons we entered the business, that sense of satisfaction is what keeps us going year after year—it will never get old to us.