New Vincas for 2013

Vinca BGWe have several new vincas coming up for the 2013 season. If you want a large number of something you see, you will want to place a PreOrder by the end of December. We will lock our production numbers on vincas by the first week of January.

Vincas are an important part of the landscapers toolbox, and it is a popular plant for the home gardener as well. In this area, we like to alternate beds between petunias and vincas to suppress the petunia soil diseases - just like a farmer rotates his fields every year or so for better yields and quality. Vinca is a very no-maintenance plant, just like the petunia. In fact, vinca likes the soil even a little drier, which is better for beds that are not irrigated.

Unique Colors


Vinca 'Blackberry': Really dark colors are very rare in vincas, so this one is special. It is a very dark purple that reads almost black to the eye. It just has a small white dot in the center. Culturally, it will behave like any other standard vinca, so you should be able to mix it into with pale vinca for strong contrasts.

Really Red

Vinca 'Really Red': For a lot of years, vinca breeders tried to get a true red. A red vinca was usually a strong pink, or a rose, but not that Fire Engine, Candy Apple, Mid-Life Crisis Sportscar Red. You know, THAT red. 'Really Red' is one of the first truly red-red vincas available to the market. We've grown it in trials for two or three years, and we are really happy with its performance.

Trailing Vincas

Vinca Mediterranean Rose

Mediterranean Rose and Mediterranean White: We are adding two new colors here. Trailing Vincas are not the same as Standard Vincas. Trailers will grow about 4 inches tall and really spread out. Standards grow ten inches taller (to 14-inches) and grow with a much more mounded habit. The Mediterraneans are look good in hanging baskets. We find they delivery a fuller-looking basket. They can really cover ground in a landscape bed as well.

Cora Cascade 'Purple': We also offer a second line of trailing vincas, the Cora Cascades. The Coras and Mediterraneans are very, very similar, but they do not offer the same color range. To get a complete color mix, we offer the best selections from both lines.

Vinca Mixes

Bubble Gum Mix

Bubblegum Mix has Blush, Icy Pink and Rose evenly mixed in a landscape tray. This is a great way to get a dappled pink landscape bed with the quickest planting times.

Red & White Mix is an equal mix of Red and White vincas (a vinca Red, by the way). These are very popular cultivars, and people have been asking us for a pre-mix to make plantings quicker.

As we mentioned before, we need to commit our vinca production by the end of the month. All of you early order planners should really place your vinca orders this month.