Autumn 2013


Fresh Rudbeckia For Autumn

RUD00We’ve just made available a lot of five different kinds of Rudbeckia for autumn. Full of buds that have just started to open over the weekend, they are prime for planting. Rudbeckia blooms generously and lasts a long time, so order this week and next to get the maximum season out of these plants.

A good choice for bird gardens, Rudbeckia attracts finches and chickadees. Seed heads are rich in oils, creating super autumn and winter feeding stations when it is planted en masse. It also performs well as a container plant, so even deck and balcony gardeners can participate in the bird watching. Retailers—use Rudbeckia to set up a bird garden display next to the mums.


Fall Heleniums

HEL-main1As hot as it is in July, we are starting to prepare our fall color. Already our very first color crops are available for shipping, and we will be releasing a lot of new material for the autumn season in the next few weeks. Right out of the gate we have three Heleniums new to the industry: ‘Fuego’, ‘Salsa’ and ‘Sombrero’.

Heleniums are used to extend the color season of cut gardens or perennial beds from late summer into the fall. They are important because they are short and compact versions of a very worthy garden classic.