Ornamental Peppers in Color

orn_pepperOur summer crop of Ornamental Peppers has come into color very nicely. This is a successful plant for the high summer because it loves the heat and the breeders have been busy with new colors and variegations. As a result, we have added even more cultivars to our growing list.

Explosive Ember


  • ‘Explosive Ember’ features icicle-style peppers in yellows, purples and reds. Fruits are shorter than ‘Chilly Chili’.
  • ‘Medusa’ is aptly named, with twirly clusters of peppers in vibrant yellow, orange and red.
  • ‘Red Missile’ sports big, fat, blunt jalapeño-style peppers. As they mature, they transition from yellow-lavender to orange to fiery red.
  • ‘Sangria’ looks like small Christmas lights in fiesta colors. The plant fruits very heavily throughout the interior and exterior of the foliage.

Chilly Chili


  • ‘Chilly Chili’ features long icicle-style peppers that fruit abundantly in yellows and reds.
  • ‘Calico's’ foliage is the star in hues of purple, green and creamy white. Single fruits ripen to bright red.
  • ‘Black Pearl’s’ tight clusters of round fruit resemble pearls. They turn from glossy black to brilliant red.


Ornamental Peppers are an excellent addition to your summer mix because they last so long in the heat. They are very showy in the garden, great as designer centerpieces and have a long, long market lifespan. We see heavy sales of these plants well into autumn, drawing in customers or pleasing a client with a job that needs some pop.