Harmony New Guineas

ng_pink_creamWe reviewed the Harmony New Guineas last year but the versatility this crop displays warrants a longer, slower look. What can this plant do for both garden centers and retailers? It’s not a famous series as far as New Guineas go and that’s a shame—we find this variety to be just about perfect in a number of ways.

Stems count with New Guineas—they need big, strong stems to hold their ample leaves and flowers. Dropped into a small pot, however, those same stems can lead to one lanky plant; hence, we have the Harmony series. This is a Goldilocks cultivar for 4-1/2 inch pots: not too big, not too small . . . just right. What has changed is how the plant branches underneath those flowers and leaves.


Now, as you will notice in these photos, the size of the flower is the same—maybe even a touch smaller. However, the bloom count is much, much higher so the overall color coverage is better. You can see why the Harmony series is a great choice as a bedding plant in shady gardens.


For retailers, this means you’ll get a great looking New Guinea in an affordable size that looks lush in the pot; for landscapers it will mean a garden that fills in sooner with less expensive material. Grown out, the Harmonies deliver strong color that sits a bit lower and a bit wider than you would get from an 8-inch pot.


We are also impressed with the color range of the Harmony series. These photos include a few of the shades we have in stock right now, but we grow out a full range of (25) different colors, each one distinctive from the others. This makes the Harmony indispensible in a designer’s toolbox when working within specific color combinations.


As an added benefit, Harmony varieties are more heat-tolerant than other types of New Guineas so they will last longer into the summer. For optimum summer performance they must be protected by shade.