Wave & Easy Wave Petunias

petuniaDespite all the unique, different and interesting material we grow, there is still great demand for a dependable general-purpose, attractive, easy-care bedding plant. We’re talking about a plant that new gardeners might recognize and take home—one that a beginner could possibly grow well; one that is very forgiving of mistakes. For such a plant, we turn to the Wave and Easy Wave series of petunias. 

Wave Petunias are spreading petunias; they are similar to the Rambin’ series, only the Waves are more compact. They still have the large petunia flower trumpet, and they look great in the various trays we sell. For strong retail presence, we have always liked the Wave look and feel. Their compact habit stays nice and tidy on the bench after you set them up.

For a petunia in a budget pot, the Easy Wave is a pretty fast grower. Once it is established, it fills into a nicely mounded plant. Its compact size actually works to its favor, because the foliage feels lush and the large flowers boost its value.


Wave Petunias also serve as excellent design elements for larger mass-plantings; their color selection is wide and diverse while their habit is consistently uniform. This makes it easy for designers to mix their color palettes without having to worry about mismatching height or encountering weaker growth among certain colors.


For gardens and landscapes, Wave Petunias are reliable, all-purpose petunias. We've used them in a variety of garden scenarios and in every case they were easy to work with, grew vigorously and looked great.

Since they grow so quickly—over a few short weeks—these petunias are heavy feeders and need regular doses of fertilizer. Be sure to sell some plant food along with each pot you sell. Like all petunias, they require full sun and flower less abundantly if partially shaded. 


Easy Waves are a variation of Wave petunias—they’ve been designed with more day-neutral characteristics, so they will bloom earlier in the season than Waves. The Easy Waves are also a little more tolerant of cooler and warmer temperatures.

Shock Wave and Tidal Wave Petunias are two different styles that piggyback off the name recognition of the Waves. We will be reviewing them at a later date.


We sell a wide range of Wave and Easy Wave Petunias in our 1801 Deep Trays and 306 Market Baskets:

  • Blue, Pink, Red, Salmon, Shell Pink, White, Lavender, Misty Lilac, Rosy Dawn and Purple


We also sell two types of mixes:

  • Flag Mix for Memorial Day and Opposites Attract