Spring Decor Collection

comboIf you liked the Cottage Garden Bowls we featured before Easter, then you’ll love our Spring Decor Collection—beautiful combination pots and baskets created from Diefenbacher’s unique recipes.

We’ve given serious thought to how these mixes would grow out:

  • Colors blend well, either in harmony or in contrast.
  • Plants grow well together, so one doesn’t overwhelm the other as the season progresses.
  • Habits support each other, so the flowers mingle well and the combo doesn’t become lop-sided.

These are not the same mono-culture pots and baskets you’ll find everywhere else—Diefenbacher customers like unique and eye-catching mixes. We’ve put a great deal of effort into developing some super combinations; the result is luscious displays that are hard to resist. 

Bold Move

Our Spring Decor Collection is available in a 12-inch basket and two sizes of pots: a small one at 12-inches and a large one at 16-inches. We are experimenting with alternative sizes, if you want to try them out, but those are available only in limited numbers.

Recipes are sized for individual pots. While each pot or basket feels abundant and full of color, the small pot, large pot and basket are distinct; you can present all three side-by-side at different price points and the display will make sense.

We offer a large assortment of different recipes. Here’s a quick list of some of the most outstanding selections:


12-inch Spring Decor Pots

  • ‘Coolness’ (Purples, Blues and Whites)
  • ‘Pink Explosion’ (Pinks and Whites)
  • ‘Pink It Is’ (Pinks, Whites and Reds)
  • ‘Shady Love’ (Reds, Purples and Oranges)
  • ‘Electric Lime’ (Green & Pink Bicolor Petunia with Blues and Chartreuse)
‘Pink Explosion’

16-inch Spring Decor Pots

  • ‘Pink Explosion’ (Pinks and Whites)
  • ‘Coolness’ (Purples, Blues and Whites)
  • ‘Give Me Liberty’ (Reds, Whites, and Blues)
  • ‘Pink It Is’ (Pinks, Whites and Reds)
  • ‘Star Gazer’ (Blues, Yellows and Oranges)
  • ‘Shazaam’ (Yellows, Blues and Corals)
‘Give Me Liberty’

10-inch Spring Decor Baskets

  • ‘Purple Glow’ (Purples, Whites and Lavenders)
  • ‘Bermuda Skies’ (Blues, Yellows and Pinks)
  • ‘Mocha Magic’ (Dark Browns and Whites)
  • ‘Tropics’ (Pinks, Yellows and Reds)
  • ‘Livin’ on the Edge’ (Oranges, Reds and Blues)
  • ‘Give Me Liberty’ (Reds, Whites, and Blues)
‘Shady Love’

A Special Shade Mix

‘Shady Love’ has received a lot of attention as part of our development effort. It’s a combination pot that looks great and grows well in shaded areas like porches, northern exposures and tree-lined avenues. ‘Shady Love’ is available in both the small and large pot sizes—we’re pretty happy with the results, as you can see here.