Early Spring 2012


Impatiens 'Patchwork Lavender'

imp_patchlavenderA new pink Impatiens from Ball Horticulture for 2012 is ‘Patchwork Lavender’. It’s not a true lavender, but a cool pink with a touch of lavender. In order to discuss this Impatiens, we must first step aside and ask a simple question:

Does the market really need another pink Impatiens? To me, the answer hinges on who you are.

If you handle a lot Impatiens, and you have noticed that some cultivars run out of gas too early, then you should look at the Patchwork series. They are, simply put, performance Impatiens.

The Patchwork series is a collection of three colors, fairly new to the market but available. ‘Lavender’ is brand new this year. We grew a small production crop of ‘Pink Shades’ (a warm pink) and ‘Peach Prism’ (apricot) last year.  Ball also gave us some ‘Lavender’ for trial, so we have some working experience with these plants.