Spring Rush Week

begoniadw_widnowboxEvery year, shortly after Easter, the industry brings a lot of new material to market very, very quickly. We do it and our competitors do it, too. A whole lot of everything becomes available all at once, leading to a certain kind of craziness that we call “Spring Rush Week.”

To prepare for the mayhem you must arm yourself with an organized shopping list; know what you want and get it early. New and interesting merchandise that will make you stand out from the chains is exactly what will sell out early.

In order to help you stock up, we’ve compiled a detailed list, by size, of what is new since last week:



  • Impatiens such as Lilac, Lipstick, Violet, Paradise Mix,
    Pink, Voodoo Mix, and White
  • Dragon Wing Begonias such as Pink and Red, along with
    several types of Million Kisses
  • Ivy Geraniums such as Calientes, Contessas and Tempranos



  • Bacopas in Blue and White
  • Reiger Begonias in Bicolor, Yellow, Pink and Red
  • Illumination Begonias in Apricot, Rose and Orange

We featured the Reiger Begonias on the cover of our Spring Idea Book this year.



  • Coleus (42 different kinds including the innovative Under the Sea Series)
  • Vegetative Petunias (24 kinds including the Famous series)
  • Ivy Geraniums (Calientes, Contessas and Tempranos)
  • Zonal Geraniums (Americanas, Classics and the First series)
  • New Guinea Impatiens (the Posh and Posh Electric series) 

We reviewed the Caliente Geraniums earlier this year—you should try them.



  • Ipomeas (4 early varieties in Hort Couture pots)
  • Pennisetums (‘Rubrum’, ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’)
  • Angelonias (Standard and Spreading types)
  • Setcreaseas (‘Purple Heart’ and ‘Pink Corazon’)
  • Gerberas (5 colors of the Royal series)

We reviewed Spreading Angelonias over the winter and are very happy with them; we reviewed Standard Angelonias last summer.



  • Begonias (Bada Bings and Bada Booms)
  • Vinca Vines (Standard and Variegated)
  • French-Type Marigolds (Disco, Hero and Janie series)
  • Petunias (Bravo, Primetime and Hurrah series)
  • Ageratums (‘Hawaii Blue’)


Winding it up, believe it or not I am talking Tomatoes the day after Easter:

  • (12) different kinds of specialty Tomatoes in pots
  • (14) kinds of popular Beefsteak, Salad, Cherry and Roma Tomatoes in trays
  • Peppers, Tomatillos and Basil in pots
  • Cabbage and Lettuce in trays


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